Veterans Satisfactory Academic Progress

Veterans Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

This Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy applies to all Veteran students. The terms "Veterans" and "Veteran students" refers to students eligible for and receiving VA Education Benefits.

  1. Grades are published at the end of each semester.
  2. Students are placed on academic probation when their cumulative grade point average is less than 2.00. Veterans on academic probation maintain eligibility for Veteran benefits. 
  3. Students on academic probation have two regular (fall and spring) semesters to raise their cumulative grade point average to 2.00, or they will be placed on academic suspension.
  4. Veterans on suspension are not eligible for Veteran educational benefits.
  5. Students on academic probation or suspension must meet with an academic advisor.
  6. Students may appeal academic probation or suspension, by submitting a letter to the Office of Registration and Enrollment Services.