We had a Snow Closure and you did not know about it.

Stop by Security at the Lone Tree or Fourth St Campus and sign up for our Emergency Notification, it only sends out text messages for emergencies or college closures,  all we need is a current cell/text number.


Parking Concern

We have had a drastic increase in some vehicles parking outside of the established parking lines.  Other vehicles arrive and then park illegally because they are not between the established white lines.  If you pull into a parking stall and are not able to park between two white lines or a curb on one side and a white line on another side,  move to a spot where you can park legally otherwise you are at risk for a citation.  If you have any questions or concerns please come in and speak with the Security Staff at the counter. 
Please keep in mind that how you park may affect other vehicles being able to park legally.




Spring Parking Permits are now available for purchase on the Lone Tree and Fourth St Campus.


You can get your form online or you can get your form at the registration counter on the Lone Tree Campus when you purchase your permit. 


All vehicles parked on the 4th St campus or the Lone Tree campus must have a valid permit.


In an ongoing effort to increase efficiency, Security will be using email addresses for correspondence. You can update your email at Student Registration.


For campus maps, please visit our Contact Us page.


2013 Crime Report is published.  It is available online,  if you would like a copy stop by the Security Office at the Fourth St Campus or the Lone Tree Campus.


2013 Campus Security Report & Crime Statistics


Welcome New Students

The Security Department would like to help you to make your experience here at CCC a safe and positive one.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come to the Security Counter or email us at: security@coconino.edu

Please Familiarize yourself with the requirements and security information on our site.



Coconino Community College now has an Emergency Notification system to keep all participants informed of any emergencies or Campus closures due to emergencies.  

You can get more information on how to be part of this at the Security Counter as well as clicking on the links below.


Parking information

Parking Permits placement & design have changed,  don't get a citation because you have your permit in the wrong location. 

New Location    New Design


Parking Permits

Parking Permits are required to park on the Lone Tree and Fourth St Campus. Parking citations are issued to all vehicles without a current parking permit properly displayed.


Visit our Parking & Pricing Information page for further information.


Save time in line by filling out your Parking Permit Form for the new Academic Year 2014-2015


Hours of Parking Enforcement Procedures  121-13


You Received a Citation, now what?

You can appeal a citation you received but you have only 14 days from the date the citation was issued to submit your appeal.  Please visit our Security Forms & Appeal Information page for more information.  Citations are appealed online,  if you do not have this capability stop by Security for further assistance.


Other information

Lost & Found can be found at the Security Office



Please share the road with our bicycling community. Many people ride bikes to save on costs, so if you drive please be watchful and "Share the Road".


Bicycles can only be secured in the designated bicycle rack,  they are not allowed inside the buildings or any other area.  You can be cited for unauthorized parking of your bicycle.

Security does not supply locks,  be sure to bring a lock and lock your bicycle up in the designated  bike racks.

Skateboards can now be secured by the bike rack,  you will need your own padlock.

Campus Closures will be posted on the main CCC web page, or you can call 928-527-1222 for updates.


Cell Phone Ban

Starting this Saturday, November 22, the Flagstaff police department will begin writing tickets to motorists caught using a cellphone while driving, unless its connected to a hands-free mobile device. Drivers will still be allowed to text or type at a stop light or stop sign.


This law is meant to encourage safety and decrease distracted driving. The penalties for this violation are subject to a $100 fine or $250 fine if the action caused a collision.





Contact Security

You can contact Security with questions or concerns at: security@coconino.edu

A printed copy of the Annual Campus Security Report and Summary are available from Campus Security upon request by calling 928-226-4304 or by emailing Mike.Capps@coconino.edu or the Security Supervisor: greg.giangobbe@coconino.edu.

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