Information about External Scholarships

CCC offers these websites as a scholarship resource only. The scholarships listed on this page have varying deadline dates. External scholarships are offered by a third party and not by CCC or the Department of Education We cannot guarantee funding from any of these sources. Never pay for a scholarship service

External scholarships that meet the following criteria may be listed on this page:

  • Offices in the state of Arizona
  • Nationally recognized
  • Specifically for Tribal; Military or Disability students

External scholarships that do not meet this criterion will not be listed on this page.


External Scholarships


Students who will receive scholarships from outside organizations or agencies must complete the Scholarship Designation Form to ensure the scholarship is applied accurately to the student account.


The Coconino Community College Foundation recommends that students apply for external scholarships as well as opportunities offered through CCC.


The Arizona Community Foundation has one general online application that allows students to apply for over 100 scholarship opportunities at once. Learn more details on their website:


Arizona Community Foundation