Human Resources

Peaks from Sunset

The CCC Human Resources team celebrates and lives our STELLAR WAY. 


As ambassadors of the college we celebrate our staff and students and recognize and respect diversity in every way.  We love to find and recognize awesomeness, we SMILE! and most certainly know how to have fun.  Our HR team members are experts in our field while constantly seeking ways to improve.  We defend our best place to work and we do not just say no, we give hope! 


In HR, every experience matters, and it is our goal to make those experiences matter for you.


To learn more about the potential to join our college, please follow this link to our current career opportunities:


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Meet our Human Resources Team

Dietrich Sauer
Director of
Human Resources

HIPPA Security Officer

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Rosa Mendoza-Logan
Human Resources

Alternate HIPPA Security Officer

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Janelle Indian
Human Resources
Specialist I

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To view a copy of the annual crime report please visit our Security page.