Consortium Agreement Information

A Consortium Agreement allows eligible students to receive financial aid while attending CCC (parent school) and another school (non-parent school) at the same time. If you are enrolled at CCC and another institution and would like to apply to receive financial aid through CCC based on your combined enrollment you may initiate the Consortium Agreement Form with your CCC Academic Advisor. Please follow the instructions on the form carefully, as the separate sections require the involvement of different persons along with the non-parent school.

CCC as the Parent School

CCC as the Non-Parent School

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Admitted and degree seeking at CCC.
  2. Must have a complete financial aid file at CCC.
  3. Must not have received your financial aid awards.
  4. Must be eligible for the consortium agreement
  5. Must meet with your Academic Advisor at CCC to ensure course at non-parent school is required for your degree at CCC and will transfer.
  6. Must be admitted to the non-parent school and not receiving financial aid from that school.


Student Responsibilities:

  1. Must be enrolled in course(s) listed on consortium agreement at non-parent school that apply to your degree program - if you are not enrolled the agreement cannot be processed.
  2. Must submit CCC's consortium agreement form to the non-parent school in time to be processed before the start of the semester you're attending.
  3. Must submit a copy of your class schedule & billing statement from your non-parent School.
  4. Must make payment to the non-parent school according to their deadlines. Financial Aid at CCC will not hold classes at another school.
  5. Must request your official academic transcript be sent from the non-parent School to CCC after the semester ends and grades are available. The coursework you completed at the non-parent school must transfer to your degree program at CCC.
  6. Must notify the Financial Aid Office at both parent and non-parent Schools if you drop any course listed on the consortium agreement.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Submit a signed and completed consortium agreement from your parent school to the CCC Financial Aid Office - Lone Tree Campus. 
  2. CCC classes will be held until the 100% Refund Date as published in the Academic Calendar. You are responsible to make payment to CCC once financial aid is received at your parent school. Failure to make payment by the 100% Refund Date will result in you being dropped from your course(s) at CCC and notification will be given to your parent school.
  3. Request an official academic transcript to be sent your parent school at the end of the semester.


Please contact your parent school for additional information about the consortium agreement process.