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HS2CCC provides you with a head start in college by allowing you to take college credit courses while still completing your high school education. Jump-starting college can save you time and money, help you become familiar with college-level work, and give you a chance to explore career interests. CCC offers three options for high school students to earn college credit: Concurrent Enrollment, Dual Enrollment, and the Coconino Association for Vocations, Industry and Technology (CAVIAT). You can transfer general education classes to fulfill your lower-division general education requirements for an associate degree. Then, you can transfer those credits to complete your bachelor degree or get ahead in your career certification.


Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment allows you to participate in the college experience while still in high school by taking regular college courses on the CCC campus or online.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment allows you to earn college credit for high school classes. Classes are offered at participating high schools during normal school hours.


In partnership with Coconino Community College. Please visit  www.caviat.org for more information.



Dual Enrollment was great because it allowed me to take regular classes at high school while receiving college credit, and I only had to pay a fraction of the cost. CAVIAT was also a great experience, allowing me to earn a Pre-Health Certificate. - Abigail Garland

I graduated Coconino with 31 college credits. There were a huge variety of professors who were very willing to help and to support me along the way. - Anijah Pablo


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Sr. Manager of Admissions and High School Programs
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Admissions Advisor
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Mark Maciha
Academic Affairs, Dean of Career and Technican Education
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Interim Dean of Learning, Arts, and Sciences
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