Start College Now!

Earn High School and College Credit at the Same Time!

Jump-starting college can save you time and money, help you become familiar with college-level work, and give you a chance to explore career interests. CCC offers three options for high school students to earn college credit: Concurrent Enrollment, Dual Enrollment or CAVIAT programs. 


Concurrent Enrollment allows a high school student to take classes on campus at CCC. The student is responsible for tuition and all related costs. If you are interested in Concurrent Enrollment, contact our Academic Advisors to start the process.


Dual Enrollment allows students to earn college credit for high school classes taken at their high school. The teachers are hired by CCC and teach to the same course outcomes as classes on campus. The tuition cost for Arts and Science courses is $10 per credit hour and for Career and Technical Education there is a complete tuition waiver (no cost for the student). Dual Enrollment courses are offered at 11 high schools in northern Arizona.


CAVIAT programs are paid for and coordinated by CAVIAT and are offered to students at no cost. To become a CAVIAT student, you must apply through CAVIAT. More information is available at www.caviat.org  


The Dual Enrollment and CAVIAT Programs are great way for high school students to get a head start on college and earn college credit at a significantly reduced cost or at no cost at all!


Contact Information:

Alexandra Purchase

Dual Enrollment and CAVIAT Program Manager

2800 S. Lone Tree Road

Flagstaff, AZ 86005


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For more information regarding the differences between Dual Enrollment, CAVIAT and Concurrent Enrollment please visit Dual Enrollment, CAVIAT & Concurrent.