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Public safety involves the prevention and reaction to any emergency that may threaten individual citizens.  Occupations in this field include police officer, EMS personnel, and firefighters.  


Public safety involves managing public and environmental safety workers, anticipating public safety hazards and working to prevent them. There are a variety of career opportunities in many different industries, including government, public or non-profit organizations at the local, state or federal levels. 

CCC Workforce Degrees


Administration of Justice (CTE)

Administration of Justice (AAS)


Basic Detention Academy (CTE)

Basic Detention Academy (CERT)


Paramedic Studies (CTE)

Paramedic Studies (AAS)


AAS degrees and certificates are intended prepare students for employment.

CCC Transfer Degrees


General Studies: Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts (AA)

AA degrees and certificates emphasis in humanities/social sciences, including a foreign language.


General Studies: Associate of Science

Associate of Science (AS)


Examples of University Transfer Majors

  • Administration of Justice (AA/AS)
  • Health Sciences - Paramedic Care (AS)


AS degrees and certificates emphasis in math/science


University Transfer Guides & Careers and Median Salaries (*Arizona | **National)


Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice Transfer Guide


Possible Careers:


Detention Academy

Possible Careers:


Fire Science

Possible Careers:



Health Services - Paramedic Care Transfer Guide


Possible Careers:

*Arizona median salaries are obtained from the Arizona Career Information System (AZCIS).  Navigate to the career choice by OCCUPATIONS (Hover)/Career Clusters/Titles Index/Desired Career.
**National median salaries are obtained from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) under sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA).


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