Fire Science (AAS Degree)

Degree Description

The Fire Science program is designed to prepare students to enter the Fire Science profession by providing them with knowledge and skills which can be used to enter a wide variety of positions. The program allows students the option of selecting courses emphasizing emergency medical, fire suppression, or fire prevention.

General Education Requirements: 25 credits

All General Education coursework must be selected from approved AZ General Education Curriculum.
Course Course Title Hours
Composition (6 credits)    
ENG 101 College Composition I 3
ENG 102 College Composition II 3
Mathematics (3 credits)    
MAT 140 or higher. College Mathematics with Algebra Review (5) or higher 3
Arts/Humanities (6 credits)    
Two courses.  Two courses. 6
Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)    
Two courses.  Two courses. 6
Physical/Biological Sciences (4 credits)    
Select one course from any of the following:
BIO 100 Biology Concepts 4
BIO 105 Environmental Biology 4
BIO 181 Unity of Life: Life of the Cell 4
CHM 130 Fundamentals of Chemistry 4
CHM 151 General Chemistry I 5
PHY 111 College Physics I 4

Degree Core Requirements: 37 credits

Course Course Title Hours
EMS 131 Emergency Medical Technician 8
FSC 135 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention 3
FSC 136 Fire Apparatus and Hydraulics 4
FSC 138 Hazardous Materials First Responder 4
FSC 180 Fire Fighter I and II 8
FSC 236 Firefighter Occupational Safety 3
FSC 238 Emergency Scene Management 3
FSC 239 Emergency Services Leadership and Management 4

Electives: 6 credits

One course from EMS or FSC from the list below.         1-47
Any coursework from the following to complete 6 elective credit hours.  1-47
Course Course Title Hours
BUS 204 Business Communications 3
BUS 206 Principles of Management 3
BUS 207 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 211 Human Resources and Personnel Management 3
BUS 213 Small Business Management 3
EMS 262 Certified Emergency Paramedic 47
FSC 233 Wildland Fire Suppression 4
FSC 234 Fire Investigation 3
FSC 235 Fire Protection Systems 3
FSC 241 Firefighter Safety & Building Construction 3
FSC 243 Intermediate Wildland Suppression 4
FSC 253 Advanced Wildland Suppression 4


The outcomes identified below define the knowledge and skill sets that graduates will possess at the end of their program of study.

  • Fully meet the requirements to gain state approved certification as outlined by current Arizona State Fire Marshal.
  • Fully meet the requirements to gain the red card certification system used by the U.S. Forest Service.
  • Develop effective written communication skills consistent with the fire service and related professional environments.
  • Develop the ability to retrieve, evaluate, and use information appropriately by using library resources, information technology, analytical tools, and the scientific method to predict and control fire problems and advance knowledge of fire science.
  • Use knowledge of other cultures, politics, ethics, and human rights to positively impact the community, work place, and the physical environment around us.