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The Arts & Humanities pathway are studies focused on what it means to be human and the unique ways that humans explore and interact with the world.  There are many disciplines in this pathway; some examples are Art, History, and Humanities. Work with your advisor to get started on your path to success!


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American Sign Language

The Associate Arts in American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies degree is designed to provide the foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in American Sign Language Interpreting or within the Deaf community.

Possible Careers:

Interpreters and Translators: US $53,640

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Fine Arts

The Associate of Fine Arts degree is designed for transfer to the Fine Arts bachelor's degree at all Arizona public universities. The program gives students a strong foundation in visual composition and art history and prepares them to continue their fine arts education in drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, or sculpture.

Possible Careers:

Curators:  US $60,380
Fine Artists:   US $57,560
Industrial Designers:  US $75,910
Potters:   US $39,590

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Possible Careers: 

Agents / Business Managers:   US $82,530
University Teachers:   US $74,280
Writers:   US $73,150

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Possible Careers:

Curators:  US $60,380
Historians:  US $64,540
University Teachers: US $79,400

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Possible Careers:

Editors:   US $73,080
Education Administrators:  US $99,940
Lawyers:   US $135,740
School Counselors:   US $60,140
Writers:   US $73,150

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Possible Careers:

Composers / Directors:   US $62,940
Muscians & Singers: US $81,441

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Possible Careers:

Clergy:   US $55,550
University Teachers: US $78,780

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Political Science

Possible Careers:

Political Scientists:  US $128,020
University Teachers: US $83,770

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Transfer Degrees

Intended for students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate program. These degrees provide a foundation of general education, along with courses chosen to help fulfill lower-division baccalaureate requirements. Students should work with a transfer advisor to ensure all course requirements are met before transferring.


AA degrees and certificates emphasize in humanities/social sciences, including a foreign language. AS degrees and certificates emphasize in math/science. AAS degrees and certificates are intended prepare students for employment

National median salaries are obtained from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) under sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA).


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