Nursing (AAS Degree)


The nursing program is designed to prepare graduates for entry level nursing positions.

Advising Note: Completion of Pre-Nursing Certificate coursework and Admission to the Coconino community College Nursing Program required prior to enrollment. See Nursing application for admission requirements and schedule. 


Degree Information

                                                    Program Requirements (50 credits)

1. Completion of Pre-Nursing Certificate Course: 50 credits

    This coursework includes 19 credit hours of General Education Courses.

2. Admission to the Coconino Community College Nursing Program

   See Nursing application for admission requirements and schedule.

3. LNA Liscense

Degree Core Requirements (39 credits)


Course Title


NUR 114

Nursing Pharmacology


NUR 116

Nursing Concepts I


NUR 124

Nursing Concepts II


NUR 215

Nursing Concepts III


NUR 220

Nursing Concepts IV


NUR 222

Management and Leadership in Nursing



Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate safe performance of nursing skills of a registered nurse;
  • exhibit legal and ethical behaviors of a registered nurse;
  • manage client care by using the nursing process;
  • effectively communicate nursing knowledge with patients and other healthcare professionals;
  • incorporate evidence based practice;
  • and be prepared to take nursing licensure testing;