Primary Property Tax Reset - Proposition 438

Prop 438

The District Governing Board of Coconino Community College has called an election to be held on May 17, 2022 to request voter authorization to reset the primary property tax rate for the College to 0.7419 cents per $100 of limited property value.


How will the additional money be used?

The funding generated from a primary property tax reset is intended for the following programs, but does not limit the College from adding additional programs requested by employers and communities:

  • Continuing to expand career and technical education programs
  • Developing new programs to support veterans' training for civilian jobs
  • Expanding scholarship programs
  • Enhancing educational services throughout Coconino County, including communities such as Page, Tuba City, and Williams


Why is the College looking to reset the property tax rate?

The College is pursuing a primary property tax reset in order to offer the same opportunities as other community college districts in Arizona.


Property Taxes FY22 for Arizona Community Colleges. CCC shown at the bottom with the lowest rate.


How much would it cost me?

The additional funding will come from an increase in property taxes paid by all property owners in Coconino County. The chart below shows the current monthly property taxes collected for the College based on limited property value and what monthly property taxes collected for the College will look like if the reset is passed.


Limited Property Value of Home Currently Monthly Property Taxes for CCC Monthly Property Taxes for CCC if Reset Approved Monthly Difference
$100,000 $3.66 $6.18 $2.52
$200,000 $7.32 $12.37 $5.05
$300,000 $10.99 $18.55 $7.56
$400,000 $14.65 $24.73 $10.08
$500,000 $18.31 $30.91 $12.60



Student Stories

Gordon Isaac

Gordon Isaac initially started college in 1993. While he was in school, he took a job with the city of Flagstaff and started a family. He set his college education on the back burner, and the years passed. In 2012, looking for something different, he found himself at CCC. He visited the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) on campus, and that visit changed his world. He graduated from CCC and received his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from NAU. Isaac said that going to school as an older adult was helpful, and he enjoyed mentoring some of the younger students with whom he went to class.


"CCC is a nice hometown community college. It’s a good step into academics, and it’s cheaper to come to school here." - Gordon Isaac

Annabelle Chhun

Williams resident Annabelle Chhun is the first generation in her family to go to college, and she graduated from CCC with an associate degree in Psychology. She currently works as a talent recruiter for Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel. After getting her bachelor’s degree, she’s going to work on a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and continues to want to focus in the world of Human Resources.


"I have a passion with human resources and helping people reach their goals. CCC was a great option financially and was a great cushion to university." - Annabelle Chhun

Khadajha Young

Coconino Community College student Khadajha Young moved from her hometown of Kayenta to attend CCC in Page. She works full time at a local restaurant to support her 4-year-old daughter while she goes to school to study Hotel & Restaurant Management. She doesn't want to leave Page because of the available opportunities once she finishes her degree; and it's still close enough to her family in Kayenta. Young received the Page/Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce Scholarship and the SRP Navajo Scrubber Scholarship. 


"They [scholarships] are important financially. Going to school and having a job is difficult, and they [scholarships] make budgeting easier."- Khadajha Young


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