Strategic Planning


 2016-2020 Strategic Plan Document


Planning Process:

The College began an eighteen-month planning process for the 2016-2020 strategic plan in June 2014.    The process was all an exceptional example of CCC’s shared governance philosophy as all areas of the college were involved in developing and vetting the plan.  Community members and other stakeholders reviewed the plan in the Fall 2015 semester prior to approval by the Board at the November 16, 2015, District Governing Board meeting. 



A total of four goals were developed for the plan based on input received from all areas of the College in the planning process. Those goals are:


  1. CCC will provide learners educational opportunities that are accessible and affordable, while also being economically feasible for the College.
  2. CCC will promote a learner-centered environment that incorporates innovative strategies and support structures intended to reduce student attrition, increase retention, and improve learning.
  3. CCC will empower students to achieve their individual learning goals and implement strategies to increase certificate and degree completion rates.
  4. CCC will strengthen the College’s working environment by maximizing college resources, expanding community outreach, and implementing effective personnel management and employee development strategies.


The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan goals and objectives focus the College’s work on improving student performance measures.


For additional information on the plan or to provide input, please contact the Office of the President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 928-226-4217