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The Associate of Applied Science in Sustainable Green building is designed to educate students comprehensively on the many subjects related to Green Building Categories and related Environmental and occupant issues, Energy Efficiencies and Sustainable Building design considerations.


General Education Requirements: 22 credits

*All AGEC coursework must be selected from the approved AGEC list.
Course Course Title Hours
Composition (6 credits)    
ENG 101 College Composition I 3
ENG 102 College Composition II 3
Mathematics (3 credits)    
MAT 140 or higher. College Mathematics (5) or higher. 3
Arts/Humanities (3 credits)    
One course.  One course. 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)    
Two courses.  Two courses. 6
Physical/Biological Sciences (4 credits)    
One Course.  One course. 4

Degree Core Requirements: 39 credits

Course Course Title Hours
CTM 120 Building the Human Environment 3
CTM 123 Building Methods I 3
CTM 124 Building Methods II 3
CTM 130 Blueprint Reading 3
CTM 131 Green Building Introduction 1
CTM 132 Solar Water Heating Workshop 2
CTM 133 Solar Greenhouse Design 1
CTM 134 Rain Water Harvest Systems 1
CTM 138 Intro to Solar Design Applications 1
CTM 150 Basic Electrical Theory 3
CTM 235 Solar Home Design 3
CTM 236 Photovoltaics and Wind Power 3
CTM 250 Innovative and Alternative Building Tech 3
CTM 260 Green Building I 3
CTM 289 Internship I 3
ENV 111 or ENV 113 Local Environmental Issues or Global Environmental Issues 3


The outcomes identified below define the knowledge and skill sets that graduates of this program will possess at the end of their program of study.

  • Gain core concepts & Categories of Sustainability and Green Building.
  • Gain fundamental knowledge of Environmental Issues, especially related to the construction industry.
  • Gain introductory knowledge of soils for local food production
  • Acquire skills related to green construction.
  • Attain a basic knowledge in construction methodology.
  • Understand and apply basic construction safety for trades.
  • Gain fundamental knowledge in building drafting, design, layout and auto CAD
  • Explore and develop critical skills for a variety of alternative construction techniques.
  • Develop critical skills for energy analysis of buildings & related performance measures.
  • Develop competencies for sustainable materials & resource use  efficiencies.
  • Design competencies developed for various solar systems; passive & active .
  • Develop electrical trade fundamentals for renewable energy generation.
  • Attain fundamentals solar design knowledge.
  • Attain & apply fundamental knowledge of sustainable projects and industry related checklist certifications.


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