Community Service Leave

Giving employees time to give back to our community through paid volunteerism

  • Full-time benefit eligible employees receive one day (based upon the hours the employee works) to volunteer for an eligible 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • Community service leave (CSL) may be used in one hour increments.
  • Employees are encouraged to share their stories and photos of volunteering

Volunteer Opportunities:





Eligible 501c3 Non-Profit Organizations

Below is a list of pre-approved non-profit organizations eligible for employees to use their community leave with.  If you do not see the organization that you want to volunteer with on the list, please submit a volunteer partner request form for review. As a reminder, please ensure your request is pre-approved before you use Community Leave.  When possible, Human Resources would love to receive a summary and/or pictures of your volunteer experience!


 high country humane

Phone number: 928-526-0742