Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

DUO LogoDuo is a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) tool utilized by CCC employees for certain access. Using MFA provides another layer of security to protect data by ensuring a user uses something they know (username/password) with something they have (mobile phone, Security Key) to log in.


Device Requirements:

Duo requires either a SmartPhone for the Duo App, SMS-capable Cellphone for Text messages, or a USB hardware key for authentication.


DUO Device Options. Displayed are examples for Push Notifications, SMS Text Message, and USB Hardware Key


  • SmartPhone - Uses the Duo Mobile App for quick approve/deny notifications.
    • Requires a recent version of Android, iOS, or iPadOS to run.
    • Users can connect their mobile devices to the CCC-Access/CCC-Student Wi-Fi networks on campus if their data is limited.
  • SMS-Capable Cellphone – Sends an SMS text message with a short code to be entered when signing in.
  • USB Security/Hardware Key – Physical USB device.
    • Security keys can be used for accessing web applications protected with Duo. Security keys cannot be used for Windows Authentication for Duo.
    • Hardware Keys can be used for Windows Authentication. If a user does not have a mobile device or does not want to use their mobile device, their supervisor will need to speak with ITS to purchase a hardware key.





Signing In with Duo


Offline Access


Security Keys


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