NOTICE: Course descriptions reflected on this page are for Fall 2020, if you are looking for course information for a prior semester please view our 2019-2020 Catalog

Hotel & Restaurant Management (HRM)

HRM 100 (3)

Introduction to Hospitality

History, policies, and procedures of the hospitality industry relating to hotel/restaurant management. Three lecture. 


HRM 140 (3)

Food Production Concepts

Introductory course identifying and describing the various interrelated components of systematic food service management. Three lecture.


HRM 210 (3)

Guest Service Management

Overviews of the hotel industry, front office management, guest expectations, reservations, uniformed services, and guest accounting. Also emphasizes the importance of communication and the key role front office plays within the framework of the entire hotel. Three lecture.


HRM 220 (3)

Property Management

Introduction to the direction and control of housekeeping operations, personnel and facilities management, problem solving techniques, and guest security and safety. Three lecture.


HRM 240 (3)

Commercial Food Production

Introduction to the operations, principles, and presentation techniques associated with the large and small commercial food services industry.  Prerequisite:  HRM 140, or consent of instructor. Two lecture. Two lab.


HRM 270 (3)

Hospitality Information Technology II

Study and learn to use hotel and restaurant information management systems. Learn how to manage functionality of industry specific application to meet the goals of the organization. Prerequisite: CIS 120. Three lecture. 


HRM 289 (1–6)

Internship I

Designed for students who are looking for paid or voluntary, practical application  of applied hotel  and restaurant management skills.  Agreed upon internship will have a direct link to responsibilities regarding customer service, employee responsibility, proper handling, preparation or management of resources (food, equipment, supplies, linen, etc.). Credit hours will be negotiated based on the successful completion of a course contract.  Each credit hour requires the completion of a minimum of 45 hours of related work as indicated by the course contract. Prior experience or course work in the area of interest is required.  One to six variable credit hours.  May be taken for S/U credit. 


HRM 198/298 (1–6)

Special Topics 

Designed to meet the needs of an individual(s) who has an interest in pursuing an original topic in an instructional area under faculty supervision. One to six variable credit hours.