Foundation Scholarships


Scholarship Opportunities




The Coconino Community College Foundation awards an average of 80 scholarships to CCC students every year. Scholarships help students like you to achieve their educational goals;  there is no cost to apply and the benefit to you can be substantial.


Applications are due March 11, 2021. If you are awarded, you may begin using your scholarship for the Fall 2021 term.


Scholarship Application
Applying is easy. Follow these steps to complete your application.


Foundation Scholarship List
See if you qualify for one of our nearly 50 scholarships based on:
  • Academic merit
  • Financial need
  • Life experience or background
  • Field of study


Other Scholarships
You may also qualify for scholarships awarded by other organizations:



Step-by-Step Guide 


Step 1:  Download the PDF  of the Scholarship Application.


  • This document will help you prepare all the content and documentation you may need to have a stellar application.

  • NOTE:  This document is a preparation resource only, not an official scholarship application.


Step 2:  Create a Word document that will be used to plan out and write your application prompt responses.

  • Why Word?  Word allows you to spell and grammar check, and edit your responses before you submit the official application. You may also use Google Docs or other word processing software.


Step 3:  Review the PDF of the Scholarship Application against your Word document. 

  • Check for spelling, grammar, accuracy, and prepare any supporting documents that are asked of you.


Step 4:  Click on the official Scholarship Application 


Step 5:  Copy your responses from the Word document, then paste them into the matching Scholarship Application fields.

  • Double check your work

  • Make sure all required fields (denoted by an asterisk *) are filled in.

  • Submit!




Other tips to help you apply


Write Your Scholarship Application Essay


When you write your essay, think about including the following information: your field of study and career goals; why you chose your field; what challenges you face, personally or professionally; and what inspires you.



Write a draft of all your answers, including your essay, before going to the official application.


Draft your answers prior to submission to ensure your responses are thorough, accurate, and free from grammatical errors. 


Use word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word or Google Docs) to write your essay and other answers, then copy and paste your answers into the application form. 



Do Not Use Your Cell Phone to Submit the Application


Use Firefox or Chrome browsers when filling out the application form online. Safari and Microsoft Edge are not supported.