Flagstaff Chamber Foundation supports scholarships at CCC

Date: Monday, 25th July 2022

The Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Foundation, in collaboration with the Helios Educational Foundation, has awarded $13,500 in scholarships to Coconino Community College students like Grace Abell in the last two years.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Coconino Community College student Grace Abell works at a preschool in Flagstaff, and her goal is to become an elementary school teacher.


“It’s never really been a question,” Abell said. “It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do.”


She said she remembers turning 5 years old and bringing her younger sister into the picture.


“Ever since she could sit up, I made her my student,” she said and laughed. “I’ve always had the desire to be a teacher of children.”


Abell is making that goal a reality with the help of scholarships she has received from the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Foundation in collaboration with the Helios Education Foundation. In the last two years, the Chamber/Helios partnership has awarded $13,500 in scholarships to CCC students.


“The Greater Flagstaff Chambers of Commerce deep commitment to education attainment is reflected in these CCC scholarships,” said Julie Pastrick, CEO of the Chamber. “In partnership with the Helios Educational Foundation, we endeavor to support and mentor students who can use financial and moral support.”


Randon Cupp, Flagstaff Chamber Foundation Treasurer and Chamber Board Member, said, “Our Foundation is dedicated to transformational change and to support specific economic development and educational and labor force needs relating to the business community and their owners.”


The scholarships were awarded by the CCC Foundation to five CCC students in 2021-22 academic year and to four students in the upcoming 2022-23 academic year at $1,500 each.


Abell received a Flagstaff Chamber/Helios Educational Foundation scholarship last year, and she received another one for the upcoming year.


“It’s been helpful to have support and not have to pay for my educational all by myself,” Abell said. “Without it, I don’t know if I’d be able to graduate in a reasonable time. I’m very thankful.”


A CCC2NAU student, Abell said she loves children, and she’s dedicated to contributing to her community – something that her church emphasizes. Helping children gives her that feeling. She wants to be that person who helps children in their journey of discovery as they navigate their lives.


“It makes you feel really good,” she added.


Now that she’s received scholarships, she can focus on her school studies more and cut back a bit on her work at the preschool. She plans to make the move to NAU to complete her studies in the Spring 2023 semester, and she also has received a scholarship to help with that transfer from the Raymond Educational Foundation, which has a scholarship designed for CCC2NAU students.


For more information about the scholarships available through the CCC Foundation, visit www.coconino.edu/foundation.





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