Official Logos, Templates & Style Guide

Official logos and fonts are only to be used for School purposes. Please follow the Graphic Identity PDF on how to use the logos and fonts accordingly.

For information on how to use the CCC logos and colors accordingly, view the  Graphic Identity and Writing Style Guide. For information on CCC signage standards, view the  Campus Signage Standards.


Official CCC Colors and Supplementary Color Palette

    Pantone: company name of an industry standard spot-color, ink-matching system, abbreviated as PMS.
Coated: how ink will appear on coated paper. Colors appear brighter and sharper.
CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow, black. Process colors, used in four-color, sheet-fed or web printing.
RGB: red, green, blue. Colors used for screens, such as computer monitors, TVs & mobile devices.
#000000: HEX numbers are a system used to define colors for web pages
PANTONE - 321c
C100     R0
M0        G140
Y31       B153
PANTONE - 1365c
C0         R253
M29      G188
Y72       B95
PANTONE - 5473
C92       R1
M49      G99
Y32       B117
PANTONE - 7461
C100     R0
M44      G121
Y0         B193
PANTONE - 1945
C0         R158
M100    G0
Y50       B57
PANTONE - 1665
C0         R241
M80      G90
Y100     B34
PANTONE - 4635
C35       R139
M60      G93
Y80       B59


Official CCC PowerPoint Templates

 16x9 Presentation

 4x3 Presentation

 Social Media Display Template

 Flier Template


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