CCC students figure out futures with Pipeline AZ

Date: Wednesday, 28th September 2022

The new website devoted to career services helps CCC advisors make recommendations based on student dreams for their professional careers.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - You just graduated from high school in Coconino County, and you’ve been thinking about college or career training. You know you like working with computers, but you’re unsure of the next move.


CCC’s participation in a new career-orienting service, called Pipeline AZ, can help.


Juanita Tarango, Director of Student Success at CCC, said Pipeline AZ is a statewide effort to help students figure out their professional futures.


“If a student doesn’t know where to start, Pipeline AZ will provide that assistance and give them ideas on what fields they may want to go into,” Tarango said. “It’s truly a pipeline to getting the job they want. It’s a virtual one-stop shop for students.”


Tarango added that a student can take an assessment on the site, and based on the answers, can be guided to a good a good starting place. Students can receive career matches, learn about the most in-demand careers in a field of interest, and find out how much a student can anticipate earning in that field of interest. For instance, if students into computers were interested in being software developers, they could expect to earn an average salary of $92,650 in Arizona and have a solid chance of landing a job because there are currently 2,100 software developer jobs available in the state.


“They will also see what type of education is needed to go into that occupation,” Tarango said.


As an example, software developers typically need a bachelor’s degree before moving into that career path. Some career paths only require certifications; others require a degree and certifications; still others require an advanced degree like a master’s or doctorate. What career path the students are interested in determines the type of education and training necessary.


Information from Pipeline AZ, included with appointments with one of CCC’s advisors, can help students really focus in on the pathway they need to take to achieve the future they desire.


“A student should know what their options are,” Tarango said, adding that when students have a solid plan, they can graduate, get the career they want, and receive the salary they’re looking for. She added that current trends are showing that Career and Technical Education fields – like construction, nursing, emergency medical services, construction managers and information technology – are in demand and often require a faster turnaround into the workforce.


Pipeline AZ just launched in late August and already has more than 30 students using the platform. The hope is to grow the program because it is an equitable way to help both students and community members chart career journeys.


“Hopefully, it will prepare students for their own educational and career plan,” Tarango said.


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