CCC student eyes wildlife-management career


U.S. Marine Corps veteran Zach Lunow plans on transferring to NAU after he completes his studies at CCC.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Coconino Community College student Zach Lunow has his sights set on being a Wildlife Management Officer.


“I want to protect the resources that were put on this planet for now and in the future so that everybody can enjoy them,” Lunow said, adding that he loves the outdoors and wants to have direct contact with people. “Plus, I don’t want to sit behind a desk.”


Lunow is a CCC2NAU student and he plans to finish his degree in the Forestry Department at NAU once he gets his lower-division classes at CCC, which are cheaper, out of the way.


He’s no stranger to public service. He spent five years in the U.S. Marine Corps as mechanic for Harrier aircraft.


“I’m done listening to aircraft engines running 24-7,” Lunow said. “I lived on the flight lines, and that constant sound doesn’t appeal to you after four years of listening to it.”


Originally from Sierra Vista, he comes from a military family. His mother, father, and two brothers have all been in the Armed Forces as well.


“I felt that it was a calling,” Lunow said, smiling. “And I wanted to be the best, so I joined the Marine Corps.”


He’s enjoyed his experience at CCC. The classes are smaller and he can easily get in touch with his professors.


“It’s a little easier when you have smaller classes and not 100 people in the class,” he said.



Friday, 3rd January 2020

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