CCC Clubs and Organizations Fair helps students plug in


CCC Student Alex Ellington attends the Clubs and Organizations Fair at CCC's Lone Tree campus.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Alex Ellinwood, first semester Nursing student at Coconino Community College, wants to plug into student life. 


So, he decided to show up at the Clubs and Organizations Fair at the Lone Tree campus on Wednesday, Sept. 5.


“I really want to join clubs because it’s my first semester and it’s a great way to meet new friends,” Ellinwood said. “I love CCC, I love smaller communities because everyone here is so friendly.”


Coconino Community College has encouraged students to become more involved in the Flagstaff community by making club and organization sign-ups available to students as they make their way through their day at the Lone Tree Commons.


Ellinwood signed up for multiple clubs including the Games Club, Latin Dance Club and the Multicultural Club.


“I joined the Latin Dance Club because I really want to learn Salsa, I met a ton of international people at a summer camp who were from Spain and Mexico, so next time I see them I want to impress them and bust out some moves” Ellinwood said.


Some of the clubs and organizations represented were the American Sign Language Club, Outdoor Club, Chess Club and Science Club.


Derik Yellowhair, CCC Student Life Coordinator, said there’s a lot of students who attend CCC who have various interests and who come from various backgrounds.


“Clubs and Organizations is a way that they can connect with their common interests with the staff and the faculty that are advisors for those clubs and organizations,” Yellowhair said. “Other students want to meet other students who have that common interest and it’s a good place to have the clubs and organizations fair to get those common interests at one place and one time so they can all meet each other.”



- McKenna Rodriguez



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