New café opens at CCC this fall


The owner of 4Cs, Nabil Chadi, is in the process of renovating the deli at CCC's Lone Tree Campus in Flagstaff.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz.  - The Coconino Community College Café, or the 4Cs, will be open for business starting the first day of Fall semester classes.


“We want to go fresh,” said owner Nabil Chadi of the new name. And a new menu of inexpensive items will be featured. All of the food will be made fresh, there at the deli. “We are excited to provide a one-stop dining experience that is fast, convenient and friendly. My staff and I are excited for the start of the Fall 2018 semester.”


The new deli at CCC will feature breakfast, lunch and even dinner items, Chadi said, adding that the prices will fit a student budget. For instance, sandwiches will start at $5. A bagel will run $3. A cup of coffee will be about $1.99.


For breakfast, customers can look forward to pastries, bagels, croissants, eggs, bacon, breakfast burritos and more. He will also have an espresso machine. There will also be a self-serve coffee station for students and employees on the go. There will even be a “kegerator” for cold-brew coffee.


For lunch, there will be a Subway-style sandwich bar, and customers will be able to pick their own toppings. The meats will continue to be of superior quality, Chadi added. He’s installing a pizza oven, and customers will be able to get pizza by the slice for about $3. A big feature will be a rotating Greek gyro oven, so customers can get their gyro fix. To top off the menu, Chadi will also include a Canadian favorite – poutine, which is a dish of French fries, garnished with cheese curds and smothered in gravy!


The deli will also feature a “grab-and-go” fridge of sandwiches and salads. 


“The idea is to make it quick,” Chadi said.


The 4Cs is scheduled for a “soft” opening on Aug. 20, Chadi added. That way, CCC employees will get to sample items from the menu, and the deli staff will get in some training time before the semester starts. The “grand” opening event will be Sept. 5. Hours are initially slated to be 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Chadi, who has been in the food-service industry for 17 years, is the owner of two restaurants in Canada, three restaurants in Tempe, and now, he’s running the Aspen Deli and the 4Cs in Flagstaff. He’s hopeful to expand to NAU as well.



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