CCC2NAU program continues to grow


The CCC2NAU program, which continues to grow year over year since 2008, helps Coconino Community College student easily transition to Northern Arizona University to complete studies for a four-year degree. For a video of the program, visit CCC's YouTube channel here.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Making a seamless transition from Coconino Community College to Northern Arizona University is the goal for the program.

The CCC2NAU program began in 2008 when the presidents of both CCC and NAU envisioned a scholastic pipeline between both institutions that would help students receive a bachelor’s degree.

The program allows students to receive credit through courses at CCC that directly count toward their intended major at NAU. The program’s background supports the theory that students who feel more integrated into the university while still attending college are more likely to transition to the university and complete a degree.

The success of the program proves the theory to be true since its inception in 2008.

“Since starting here I have seen the program grow professionally and exponentially in size,” said Robin Long, Manager of CCC2NAU.

Long has been a part of the program since the beginning. She worked in advising at NAU for 18 years and his now in her sixth year at CCC as the program’s manager.

The program has experienced a steady increase in participants since being founded.

To date, the program has served more than 2,600 students. More than 1,800 students plan to transition from CCC to NAU in the next few years.

The program’s backbone is comprised of seven staff members, which include five full-time advisors, one part-time advisor and a part-time administrative assistant. Each member is cross-trained in advising for both institutions in order to ensure that students are meeting academic requirements.

“Having advisors that are trained by both schools really helps out a lot with all of the questions you have,” said Kim Dalton, CCC2NAU student. “Scheduling is smooth and the advisors are able to answer every question no matter what school it’s about.”

The program offers 70 different pathways that align with the most requested NAU majors. The pathways are degree plans created by staff that assists students in completing 100 and 200 level courses at CCC.

Each student has a required advising appointment, where their individualized degree plan is created based upon classes that meet prerequisites for the student’s intended major at NAU.

Students with majors that do not fall under the different pathways receive a pathway specifically designed for them using the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science in General Studies.

The advising team works to make the best experience possible for the students who begin to transition. Before students can apply to the program, they are required to attend an information session that outlines the program and what it has to offer.

The program is a way in which students can feel a part of a university as they attend a community college. Attending athletic events, joining student clubs, purchasing recreation services and even enrolling part-time are just a few of the many ways students can connect to the NAU while they are enrolled at CCC.

“My advisors helped me a lot in joining NAU’s ROTC program and recreational sports teams,” said Eli Perlberg, CCC2NAU student and Biomedical Engineering major. “Being able to join the clubs helped advance my college career not just as a student, but in participating in other programs as well.” 

At the end of their journey at CCC, students are required to attend a Transition to NAU Workshop. Students will meet their NAU advisor for their major, learn about transitioning to NAU from a peer and receive an early junior-level advising appointment.

“The workshop was beyond helpful and made the transferring process a lot easier,” said Trianne Rosales, CCC2NAU student. “Having a step-by-step process eased my mind.”

CCC2NAU earned the “Program of the Year” award in 2012 from the National Academic Advising Association. The partnership has also sparked the creation of twenty other 2NAU programs throughout the state.

 “Seeing people grow and reach milestones is very rewarding,” Long said.

The CCC2NAU program participation is expected to continue to increase in the coming years. For a video of the program, visit CCC's YouTube channel here.

-- Ben Molzhon


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