CCC student sees ‘big data’ in future


Johanna Hawley is preparing for her future in “big data” by getting started on her degree path at CCC.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - She’s all about “big data” and family.


Coconino Community College student Johanna Hawley moved to Flagstaff from her home on the Navajo Nation in order to get the education she needs to satisfy her goal of getting a Computer Science degree and being a data analyst.


“I want to be able to provide for my parents and family,” Hawley said in between classes at the Lone Tree Campus. “My goal is to have my parents retire and me be the breadwinner.”


Both her parents are educators, so it is important to Hawley to be successful on her educational journey. Hawley plans to transfer to Northern Arizona University when she completes her studies at CCC. For the semester, she’s taking Biology, Precalculus, Programming for Engineering and Art – a big load of coursework. She’s not wasting time.


“My advisors made sure that every single class I’m taking is 100 percent transferrable,” Hawley said, adding that she decided on CCC because it was affordable and fit her budget.


She’s intent on getting Computer Science certifications that will help her land an entry-level computer science job to get experience for better jobs on her path to being a data analyst, working for a large firm. While at CCC, though, she’s also discovered that she’s interested in Biology. Her plans may change.


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Story and photo by Courtney Maxwell

CCC PR and Marketing Intern

Thursday, 13th January 2022

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  • Thursday, 13th January 2022