Fast Fridays

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz -- Coconino Community College has launched a new scheduling concept called Fast Fridays, to accommodate more students during the Spring 2010 semester. The concept focuses on strategically scheduling several key core General Education courses on Fridays so that students can get several credits out of the way in one day.


Ingrid Lee, EdD., Dean of Arts and Sciences at CCC said, “The Fast Fridays concept is designed specifically for students commuting long distances, working students and students with child care needs so that they can compress their schedule into one day, rather than spreading classes over several days. We tested Fast Fridays in the Fall 2009 semester and the response was excellent, encouraging us to continue and expand Fast Fridays into the Spring 2010 semester.”


For commuters, Fast Fridays save time and money, cutting long distance commutes from two or three times a week into one commute, reducing the use of fuel and wear and tear on a vehicle. For working students the advantage is that they can often negotiate with current employers to work 4 – 10 hour shifts so that they can attend classes on Fridays. Students with child care needs only need to schedule care for their children on one day rather than two or three.


For more information on Fast Fridays call Dr. Ingrid Lee at 928-226-4362 or go to

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