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U.S. Boarding School Legacy and 'The Road to Healing'

Presentation by: Stefanie Kunze, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

CCC US Boarding School Legacy and Road to Healing September 27, 2022 Lone Tree Campus

This talk provides a closer look at the U.S. boarding school system, its history, and implications, as well as the efforts of Department of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland's "Road to Healing." The opaque net of boarding schools in the U.S., intended to assimilate Indigenous children into mainstream Euro-American society was faceted and only partially regulated. Its direct result is systemic historical trauma permeating Indigenous life. With Secretary Haaland's focus on unraveling and telling this history, the U.S. is for the first time grappling with the aftermath of settler colonialism and ethnocide.

Location Lone Tree Campus - Commons
Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 02:00pm - 03:30pm