Coronavirus - COVID-19

In response to Governor Ducey’s Executive Order, instruction will continue at Coconino Community College, but starting March 31, 2020, at 5:00 p.m., all buildings will be closed through April 30. For more information view President Smith's response to the executive order



Coconino Community College has an Incident Command Team provided with training in preparation for various types of critical emergency situations.  Although the College is not currently experiencing a critical emergency of any kind, the CCC Team is actively collaborating with Coconino County Health and  Human Services (CCHHS) in monitoring county, state and federal recommendations concerning any type of infectious disease outbreak. 


Please know that we will keep our College Community informed if we ever receive information about an impending emergency. CCC is constantly monitoring and anticipating external events and the possible impact on the College, and we will always strive to be prepared for responsible action and to keep our College Community safe.


CCC Information Hotline:   928-226-4397

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