Security Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are parking permits required to attend classes at Coconino Community College?

They are required if you attend classes at either Flagstaff campus. Currently, there is no requirement to have a permit at the Page campus, or any distance learning site.

What are the hours of enforcement for parking permits?

Parking regulations are enforced (at the Flagstaff campuses) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Permits are not required on Saturday or Sunday.

Will I need a parking permit to attend a weekend workshop only?

If you attend any class at locations requiring parking permits and need to be present 5 or fewer days, or the workshop is held only on a weekend, you do not need to purchase a permit.  You will still need to get a free temporary permit from security.  Bring your vehicle information to security.  Beyond that, you will have to get a permit.

My class gets out after dark, is there something the college can do to keep me safe?

Your safety is our biggest concern. If you feel uncomfortable walking to your vehicle after class, come to or call the security desk and we will walk you out.

What should I do if my car is involved in a collision on campus?

You can either call the local police department or just exchange insurance information,  this is totally your decision.

What should I do if my car gets broken into or something is stolen from me?

If a security officer is present, call him/ her. They will start an investigation and complete a report that can be forwarded to your local law enforcement agency. If no security officer is present call the police.

Oops, I left my headlights on. Can someone help me?

Although the services are somewhat limited, there are some services we can offer to motorists. Several of our campuses have portable jump-start batteries we use to help get you on your way.

I see parking enforcement people in the parking lot. Do they do anything besides write tickets?

In addition to enforcing parking and safety regulations, our parking enforcement officers serve as eyes and ears for events around campus. Their presence helps deter criminal activity and allows us a chance to answer questions and provide service to our population.

I have a motorcycle I would like to drive when the weather is nice. What do I need to do about a permit for that?

All of the permits we currently buy have the adhesive on the face so they can be applied to the inside of windshields. Because there are so few motorcycles driven to our campuses. If the motorcycle has a windshield on it, the permit is to be applied there. If not, we allow them to be placed face down on the front fork near the hub.

Will a parking permit cost me the same if I buy it at the start of the spring semester?

Our parking permits are pro-rated, depending on the time of year you purchase it. Generally speaking, they go down by one third each semester. Unfortunately we do not have permits for individual semesters, so if you are attending classes in the fall semester only, you will have to pay full price. The permit though, is valid for the entire academic year; from the beginning of classes in August to the beginning of classes the following August.

How do you know who is driving a car?

There are two ways we track this. When a permit is purchased and issued, a form is filled out with the name of the person registering the vehicle on campus. We also have access through the State Department of Motor Vehicles for driver license and registered owner information. If we need to identify a person driving a vehicle that did not purchase a permit, we will use this access and compare it to in-house registration information.

What happens if I do not buy a permit?

Our first choice is, and has always been, to gain voluntary compliance. Get a permit and follow a few simple guidelines and odds are you may never have a negative contact with us. If we are forced to, we will immobilize vehicles, or tow it at your expense. Please, just get the permit.

Is there visitor parking available?

Yes, each of our campuses have visitor parking, but the space is limited and so is the time. If you are going to be on a campus that requires permits for more than thirty minutes, stop by security and get a temporary guest pass.  This parking is not for students or employees. Permitted vehicles will be cited for parking in visitor parking.

What are the Temporary Parking Permits for?

These are for individuals who have a vehicle registered with a current permit that forgot their hanger, had mechanical problems, or had to borrow another vehicle. We also issue these permits to guests of the campus and for special events. If you are a web student or just on campus for a placement or proctored test, stop by Security and talk to us about a Temporary permit. If you are a student who has not purchased a permit, please do not ask for a Temporary because that is not what they are intended for. Please don’t ask us to give you free parking when everyone else in those lots are paying for it!

What should I do if I need to leave a car on campus overnight?

Although overnight parking is not encouraged, we understand that situations arise. If you must leave your vehicle here, stop by our office and let us know. This is a big problem during winter months when snow removal is necessary. Your can could get buried.

What types of violations do you enforce?

All the potential violations are listed in the class schedule, towards the front of the publication. In addition to parking regulations, we enforce speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians and stop sign violations, which we link to your safety.

I got a ticket. What is the procedure now?

Well, that depends on the violation. If it is for not having a permit and you are required to, you should start with purchasing one. We will issue the permit and allow you to appeal the violation. You may also simply go to the cashiers and pay for it if you choose. For other violations, the options are to pay them or appeal them. We try very hard to be fair.

How do I find out if a registered sex offender attends classes here?

You can look on the security webpage menu Security Advisory.  The security webpage also has a link to the state’s registered sex offender website. Feel free to access this, which allows you to search with several parameters, including name and zip code.

I am a new student. What is the easiest way to find my class?

Our security webpage has a link that shows all campus maps. We also will provide you a printed map to show where classrooms are located by number.

I lost something. Does the college have a lost and found?

Yes we do. Either check with staff or ask a security officer. The majority of misplaced items are turned in to us.  We have limited storage, so at the end of each semester we clean out the lost and found. We donate usable items to Goodwill and turn over valuable items to local police departments as found property.  Lost and Found procedure

If I see something that causes me concern, who should I report that to?

There are a number of persons the college has identified as Campus Security Authorities. This list includes Security and local law enforcement agencies as well as Deans, Advisors, Department Chairpersons and others. If you do not know how to reach any of these persons, contact any employee to a referral to one.

Does the college have any emergency procedures in place?

Yes. There is a policy on Critical Incident Management that is designed as guidelines on how the college will react to different situations. You can find that policy, and numerous others, on our webpage at  Policies & Procedures. There is also a growing list of advisory information on what you can do during different events.

How do I find out if the college is closed due to weather or something else?

The main incoming phone line (928-527-1222) has an automated greeting service. If the college campuses are closed, the greeting is changed to provide that information. It is usually changed by 6:30am and 4:30pm, depending on the time the decision is made to close. Weather related closures usually only happen on the Flagstaff  campuses.  You can also sign up for the Emergency Notification system "CCC ALERT" we have in place,  this will send you a text if the college is closed for any reason.  You can sign up at registration or security as well as Self Service Banner.

When is the college open?

College operational hours are posted on the security webpage and are updated if and when there are changes.

 You can view the Campus Hours here.

If there is an emergency on campus, how can I find out?

The College has an emergency notification system "CCC ALERT",  it will send out a text message to all employees and students who have signed up for it.  You can sign up when you register your vehicle by completing the phone number information on the bottom of that form,  you can go to Security and sign up,  you can go to registration and sign up and you can also sign up on Self Service Banner.

Why are there speed bumps on the road & why were they not there this winter?

The speed bumps are placed on approach to the crosswalks to slow vehicles down to make it safer for the pedestrians.  Some of the speed bumps are removed during the winter to facilitate snow plowing of the roads.

What are the blue lights for in the parking lot?

The blue lights (currently on the Lone Tree campus only) are an added measure of security for students and employees. There is a call button on the pole which will contact security in case of an emergency. If security is not does not answer after a couple rings, the call will go directly to the  police dispatcher. On the Lone Tree campus, there are also cameras on top of them.

Can I park in the Public Library parking lot on the Fourth Street campus?

Yes, as long as you are inside the library using their services. Once you leave the library you must also move your vehicle from their lot. The public library has a limited amount of spaces and needs them for library patrons. The library parking lot is part of the CCC Fourth Street campus. Security patrols it and enforces parking regulations there as well.   

Are pets allowed on the campus?

No pets (animals) are allowed on CCC property. “Service animals” defined by the ADA are allowed on CCC property.

I want to ride my bicycle to campus. Do I have to register it? Where can I lock it up?

Coconino Community College does not require that bicycles be registered. Each campus has designated bicycle parking locations and provides racks to lock them to. We do not provide locks, so please remember yours.

Why can’t I park my bicycle inside the building or in the art patio area?

The college has made every attempt to maintain the safety of cyclists by keeping them out of the car and truck traffic.   Bicycles are not allowed inside any CCC building. We provide a place to secure your bicycle, but we do not provide locks.

I skateboard to and from school,  is there someplace I can store my skateboard?

The college has installed a special locking rack just or skateboards,  it is located next to the bicycle racks.  The college does not supply locks.

It’s Friday night and the lot is almost empty.  Why can’t I park where I want?

Individuals who purchase General Parking permits pay for the privilege of parking closer to the building.  It would be unfair to allow others to park for free.

I have a lot of stuff to bring in for class.  Is there anything I can do?

There are unloading zones near the front of the buildings.   When you finish unloading though, you are required to move your vehicle to the appropriate parking area for your  permit.

Where can I find a phone to call for a ride?

The Lone Tree & Fourth Street campus provides a courtesy phone to call for rides, this phone is located at the security counter, please follow the directions posted next to the phone.  It does limit you to 3 minutes per call and only accepts local numbers.

How can I contact security?

You can call us at 928-226-4304 for the LT campus, 928-526-7611 for the Fourth Street campus, 928-660-0260 or 928-645-3987 for the Page campus.We have an email address that is monitored by security; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also mail any information into the office. Direct your correspondence to: Security Supervisor 2800 South Lone Tree Road, Flagstaff, Arizona 86005

Can I use the parking lot on weekends when the campus is closed?

The college is private property and all CCC policies apply even on weekends and when the college is closed.  The campus cannot be used for any event or activity without the prior documented consent of the college.

Where can I get my student ID card?

Student ID cards are issued at Security,  you will need proof that you have signed up for current class's and have them paid for or on financial aid,  you will also need a photo id: Passport, Military ID, State ID card, Drivers License.

Concealed Weapons

Use, possession, display, or storage of any weapon, dangerous instrument, explosive material or device, fireworks, bomb-making materials or dangerous chemical on College property, are in violation of law and College policy, and is not permitted unless one of the following exceptions apply:

The person is transporting or storing a lawfully possessed firearm within a motor vehicle. If the vehicle is unattended, the firearm must be either within a locked compartment or within a locked vehicle. The firearm must also be stored out of plain sight. 

  • The person is authorized to carry weapons by Arizona or federal statutes concerning law enforcement officers.
  • The person is authorized in writing by College Governing Board with the authority to grant permission to possess weapons for academic or other legitimate College business. 

Non-compliance will result in disciplinary action up to, and including, arrest. 

Additional information:

 Arizona State Revised Statutes Definitions

Per A.R.S. §13-3102.A.1.b, a person contacted by law enforcement (College Security Officer) is required to inform the officer if they are carrying a concealed weapon, and the officer asks if they are armed. This violation is a class 1 misdemeanor.

Deadly Weapon Definition

Per  A.R.S. §13-3101

Smoking & Electronic Cigarettes?

The college endorses and supports the SMOKE FREE ARIZONA ACT which is a law in Arizona,  smoking is allowed only in posted designated smoking areas,  in the parking lot or in your vehicle.  There are areas that smoking is allowed under treed areas but we encourage you to not smoke in these areas due to fire danger.

The college does not allow any type of electronic E-Cigarette in the building,  they must follow the same guidelines set down by the SMOKE FREE ARIZONA ACT

Medical Marijuana?

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (Act) does not:

  • Authorize a person to undertake any task under the influence of marijuana that constitutes negligence or professional malpractice. Authorize possessing or using medical marijuana on a school bus, on the grounds of a preschool, primary school, or high school, or in a correctional facility.
  • Authorize smoking marijuana on public transportation or in a public place.
  • Authorize operating, navigating, or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle, aircraft, or motorboat while under the influence of marijuana. A registered qualifying patient will not be considered to be under the influence of marijuana solely because of the presence of marijuana in the person's system that appears in a concentration insufficient to cause impairment.
  • Require a government medical assistance program or private health insurer to reimburse for costs associated with the medical use of marijuana.
  • Require an owner of private property to allow the use of marijuana on that property.
  • Require an employer to allow the ingestion of marijuana in the workplace.
  • Prevent a nursing care or other residential or inpatient healthcare facility from adopting reasonable restrictions on the provision, storage and use of marijuana by residents or patients.

Coconino Community College is a drug free Campus,  Medical Marijuana is not allowed on any of our campuses.

The provisions within Arizona Revised Statutes §15-108 prohibits any person, including a medical marijuana cardholder, from possessing or using marijuana on the campus of any public university, college, community college or post-secondary education institution.