CCC Alerts

CCC Alert is a texting and email alert service that will message you for any emergency situations that occur at CCC. Students, parents, and visitors can sign up using the RAVE website in minutes.


Signing Up Online

Step 1

Navigate to CCC Alert login page

In the top right choose "REGISTER"

Rave Login Page, with boxes for Username, Password, Login and Register

Step 2

On the registration page, fill in your name, email, password, mobile number. 

Rave Create Account Page, asking for Name, Last Name, Registration Email, Password, and Mobile Number

Read through and accept the terms of service to proceed to the next step 

Rave Create Account Page Part 2, asking to accept terms of service

Step 3

Verify your mobile number and carrier. 

Rave Confirm Mobile Number Page asking to choose carrier

Step 4

After you verify your carrier, an email will be sent to verify your email. 

Check your email, and click the verification link within your email. 

Rave Email Confirmation Page asking to check your email for a confirmation email

Rave Confirmation Email plus Link to confirm email address

Step 5

After confirming your email you will receive a text message, enter the four digit code from the text message.

You are able to temporarily skip this step and come back to it later. If you do not confirm your phone number, you will not receive emergency alerts. 

Rave Confirm Mobile Number page, with a box for the 4 digit code a cellphone will receive: 'A warning states failure to receive confirmation code during hte mobile registration may due to premium messaging block placed by your carrier. If you do not receive a confirmation code, please contact your carrier and ask to have messages from shortcode 226787, 67283, 78015, and 81437 delieved to your mobile device'

Example text message wording:

Rave text message confirmation with 4 digit confirmation code. Instructions state you can reply with HELP, STOP or CANCEL.

Step 6

After you have confirmed both your email and phone number, you will receive an email confirming your account. 

Rave Welcome to Rave Confirmation Email stating the account has been successfully setup

Step 7

You are all ready to go. Any announcements sent from CCC will go to the email and phone number you have submitted. 

Rave logged in page, with options for editing the account, changing your password, changing or adding your mobile number, and adding additional email addresses.

Signing Up In-Person

The Security Desk on the Lone Tree or Fourth Street Campus are able to assist with in-person sign ups for RAVE mobile alerts. 

Stop Receiving Alerts

1. Navigate to RAVE's CCC login page

2. Next to your name and email click or press "Edit" 

Rave logged in page, with the user area and Edit button shown

3. On the far right click or press "Delete Account".

Rave profile showing first name, last name, email address, and a delete account button

4. Enter your account password and click Delete Account.

Rave Account deletion warning stating that the deletion is permanent

5. Verify you want to delete your account and click Delete Account. 

Rave final warning with one last button to press to delete account stating 'are you really sure you want to delete'

6. Your account has been deleted. 

Rave message stating the account has been successfully deleted

Additional Support

For additional support with registering, updating or deleting your account contact Security at 928-226-4304.