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Schedule Information

Students: The links on the right will allow you to view information about classes and general Financial Aid. Admitted students can login to the secure area to register for classes, print your class schedule and unofficial transcripts.

Note: The class schedule shown is a general public access item and does not indicate class status. To view detailed class schedule information (open/closed class listings), you will need to login.

To Login: Your User ID will be your CometID. Use the CometID finder, to find your CometID.If you are a first time user, your PIN will be your date of birth (MMDDYY).

IMPORTANT! Remember to click EXIT when you are finished to protect the confidentiality of your information

Note: For best results use Internet Explorer 5.5sp2 or higher. This system is not available from midnight to 4 am during system maintenance.

STUDENTS! To find your Tax Notification Documents in Web4 follow these instructions:

It may be helpful to write these steps down before logging in.

  1. Login to Web4 below
  2. Select Student Services
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Tax Notification
  5. Enter a Tax Year: 2012
  6. Click the submit button


Click on "Login to Web4" to register for classes and print your schedule.

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