DGB Highlights

DGB Highlights:


Action Item approved: Building 6 remodel


Executive Director for Facilities, Mark Easton presented the final details of the Building 6 and Science remodeling for approval to the members of the  District Governing Board at November 18th meeting. The remodel design was created by a local architectural firm GHD Inc. A committee was formed in January of 2008 to determine usage for the building, and two meetings ensued after that with science department personnel.


Building 6 will not be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDS ) Certified building, but it has many sustainable features including High efficiency T-8 lighting with electronic ballasts, motion detector and computer lighting system, low flow sinks with automatic shutoff, waterless urinals, outside lighting for classrooms, high efficiency chillers and many other sustainable features. Easton said that the project is on time and on budget with a total project cost of $594.799, which was budgeted from the $649,000 in stimulus money received recently from the Federal Government.  


Advertising for bids will begin on January 17th, 2010.  Project start date will be March 8th, 2010 with a projected completion date of June 14, 2010.  The board approved the project after a brief question and answer session with Easton.


Juniper Point Makes Presentation: to DGB


The attorney for Juniper Point, William Ring gave the District Governing Board a brief presentation on the status of the project that would be adjacent to CCC when completed if approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The 320 acre development is designed as a mixed use “traditional neighborhood” with single family homes, multiple family homes, commercial space and potentially a civic center designed to benefit the college. A total of 115 of the 320 acres would be preserved as open space, with 16 acres designed as active or passive parks. If approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the project would be developed in 4 phases with the first phase delivering most of the proposed 180 units reserved for affordable housing. Ten percent of the housing in the project will be what are considered affordable housing units. Lone Tree road could potentially be realigned to accommodate the project so that it would be East of CCC, making what is currently the back entrance to the Lone Tree Campus the front entrance. A rezoning hearing for the project will be held on September 15th at Flagstaff City Hall.  For more information on Juniper Point go to www.juniperpoint.az

Monday, 30th November 2009

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