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Artist Jeff Roth is selected as CCC Part-Time Faculty of the Year 2020-21.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Color. Form. Aesthetics.


To him, art is a conversation between the artist and the world – an assertion he repeats to his students. And they appreciate him for it.


Art Faculty Jeff Roth has been selected as the 2020-21 Coconino Community College Part-Time Faculty of the Year. Roth, who has been with CCC for three years, teaches Art Appreciation, Drawing 1, Life Drawing 1, Life Drawing 2, Digital Photography 1 and Mural Painting.


His greatest joy, like so many of his colleges, is seeing that “a-ha” moment when students discover something new and use to make tangible improvements in their work. Each year, he enjoys entering the classroom, meeting new students and reconnecting with returning students.


“I have always wanted to be a teacher at some level,” Roth said. “I knew I wanted to teach college as soon as I started college. When I was an undergrad, I saw a large disparity in the demographics in art colleges.”


As a minority, he witnessed the challenges faced by minorities in higher education. Therefore, as a professional, he wanted to offer a model for other minorities so that they might view a career in the creative arts as a viable one for them.


“I wanted other minorities to see that art is something that can provide a life for them,” Roth said.


After getting an associate degree in Fine Art, Roth went on to get a bachelor’s and, finally, a master’s in Fine Art.


“I was attracted to art as a kid because I thought it was magic,” Roth said. “I wanted the ability to draw whatever I saw. That’s funny now, because, as a teacher, I really strive to show my students that drawing is a learned skill that anyone with the desire and effort can do.”


His goal: To Inspire new “visual magicians.”


A student who nominated Roth for the award stated, “I have never experienced so much success in an art class before, and I believe that this is due to the fact that Mr. Jeff has identified my starting capacity and provided me with individualized instruction to help me progress farther than I thought possible.”


Another student stated, “He explained things to help us improve in the easiest way he could, while still being incredibly informative. The way he was able to draw while teaching was effortless and amazing, always helped a lot.”


Roth’s philosophy of teaching revolves around giving students relevant information on specific techniques, which he demonstrates, and he make sure that the students feel they have “agency” in what they are creating.


“Whenever possible, I let the students choose their subject matter so they are as invested in the final outcome as possible,” Roth said. “I also strive for a classroom environment that promotes creativity and comfort with trying new things. The more the student wants to be there, the more improvement I see in them.”


Finally, Roth said his teaching is about fearlessness.


“I tell them all the time that there is always another piece of paper, another canvas, so not to worry about the final outcome,” Roth said. “What’s important is effort and the willingness to try something new. As long as you are learning, there’s always another piece of paper.”



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