Scholarships help CCC student pursue her passions


CCC student Angela Godinez is studying Cultural Anthropology at Coconino Community College.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Despite the popular motto, Coconino Community College student Angela Godinez says, “...when they say ‘the sky’s the limit,’ I don’t agree with that, because there are footprints on the moon.”


Continuously pushing the limits, Godinez exemplifies jumping into life’s goals without fear and being her own hero. She has always wanted to make a difference for others, but she never quite knew how to do so, until her education at CCC helped open her eyes.


“When I started school, I had to take an anthropology class,” Godinez said. “... and that’s when I got my eyes opened to the fact that I can help people on a much, much bigger level than just one person at a time.”


She is working toward an associate degree in Cultural Anthropology, and her eyes lit up as she talked about how she can use her new knowledge to help those in need. Reflecting on all that she’s learned, she said, “...walking in other people’s shoes ... humbles me in a way, because it makes me thankful for what I have.”


That’s not to say that it’s been an easy road for Godinez. In fact, she said it was a “rocky path” to get to where she is now. She’s had to learn to be her own hero. Angela said that the rough environment she grew up in for the first six years of her life eventually created an opportunity for her to better her life and to be different than the examples she had seen early on in life. Her optimism, paired with the support and strength she gained when her father and stepmother adopted her, helped her to find her path.


“I always had to make sure that I was my own hero,” Godinez said. “And I want to spread that word to kids, that ... if you’re in an environment where you feel there’s no one you can look up to, you still have yourself. You can bring yourself up.”


Being a first-generation student, Godinez has found an incredible amount of support at CCC through faculty, staff, programs and even from the CCC Foundation as well.


“Everywhere I’ve turned, there’s been somebody to help me with something,” she said with a smile.


Because of the three scholarships that she has received, Godinez has been able to transition from being a part-time student to being a full-time student, which has allowed her more room for achievement without worrying as much about how to meet her expenses.


Her advice to students is to “just do it.” when it comes to applying for scholarships and following their dreams. “Because if I had never taken that step and taken that chance on myself, I would’ve never known.”


As a CCC2NAU student, Godinez said she is excited to continue her education after completing her associate degree.


“As every opportunity arises, I’m taking it, and that opens a whole new field of possibilities,” she said.


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- Sara Downs 



Thursday, 6th February 2020

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