CCC puts technology equipment to educational use

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Coconino Community College is cultivating relationships with local elementary schools, putting the college's gently-used equipment to practical educational use beyond the machine's lifecycle at the college.

Manuel De Miguel Elementary School in Flagstaff is the latest school to benefit from Coconino Community College's computer donation program.

"Every year, CCC's IT User Services removes dozens of student and administrative computers and replaces them with newer, faster machines," said Jared Logan, CCC's Director of User Services. "This is done for two reasons: to ensure the applications of the College run smoothly and that the hardware in the computers are fresh and supported under the manufacturer's warranty."

Logan thought there must be a better use than to send the obsolete computers to NAU surplus to be re-sold or sent to the landfill.

"The first school we donated computers to was Northland Preparatory Academy and I wasn't sure what kind of answer I would receive when I asked them if they could use some of our old computer equipment," Logan said.  "I informed them that I had 20 Dell Optiplex Gx270 computers which were rock-solid computers but were considered to be, even at that time, dated.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear NPA was looking at developing a student-use computer lab but didn't have the funds to purchase equipment and that these computers would be perfect for their students."

Recently, Doug King noticed that the computer equipment at DeMiguel School, where his children attend, was outdated. He reached out to Ted Grudniewski, Assistant IT Director for Flagstaff Unified School District to see if they were interested in a donation. The district was and soon, Grudniewski and other FUSD employees were picking up the 24 computers from the Lone Tree campus. Within a week, the students were working on CCC donated computers. The DeMiguel donation marked the 100th computer to be repurposed through the program.

Monday, 28th January 2013

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  • Monday, 28th January 2013