CCC opens up Summer Learning program for free


CCC's Summer Learning Program and Summer Art Workshops are among the noncredit topics being offered during the summer months this year.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Fascinating topics. Passionate presenters. Community support.


That’s how a fundraiser for Coconino Community College turned into a “friend”raiser.


Starting this July, CCC began the Summer Learning Program, an enrichment series of noncredit presentations to support education and lifelong learning. Two dozen presentations are scheduled throughout the month that cover the following topics: Creativity and the Arts; Northern Arizona History; Native American Art and Culture; Myths and Facts of Our Night Sky; Civics and Our Constitution; and Petroglyphs, Pictographs and People.


The series was originally envisioned as a fundraiser, with a registration fee, to support CCC’s Continuing Education mission.


“There are a great variety of topics from gracious volunteer presenters passionate about their fields of study that CCC wants the public to enjoy,” said Steve Peru, CCC’s Chief Development and Government Relations Officer. “And broad community support allows us to drop the registration process and fee, similar to our ED Talks.”


Therefore, why not let it be a “friend”raiser, Peru added.


In the past, CCC has offered a variety of noncredit courses as a way for Coconino County residents and visitors – young and older – to remain connected with learning. Budget constraints, which continue, put a temporary stop to noncredit offerings, and CCC is now working its way back into the field with the help of “champions” of the of the college and volunteers who donate their time, talent and personal finances to revitalize such an important mission.


“In listening to what our communities have told us they want, CCC has begun setting the foundation for growing its noncredit courses as part of our mission to foster lifelong learning,” said CCC President Dr. Colleen A. Smith, PhD.


Gail Lowe, a Flagstaff Certified Public Accountant and member of the CCC Champions, said, “Considering the number of presenters and volunteers we have had and will have, the support has been phenomenal.”


Lowe added that the series was envisioned as an opportunity for residents and visitors to learn about the area and support the college.


The presentations, broken into two sessions a day to allow participants to attend as many as their schedule allows, will have morning sessions, 10-11:30 a.m., and afternoon sessions, 1:30-3 p.m., on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The presentations continue Monday, July 15.


The Summer Learning Program builds on other noncredit presentations and topics that CCC has instituted in the last year and a half. Last year, CCC began offering summer camps for children and a monthly Educational Talk, or ED Talk, that covers a wide range of topics – from outlaws of the Old West, to the different types of volcanoes that are present in northern Arizona. Also last year, CCC began offering noncredit Summer Art Workshops, and the Summer Art Workshops are continuing this year and are currently underway.


The Summer Learning Program presentations take place at CCC’s Lone Tree and Fourth Street campuses, and the Continental Country Club. To see the complete program descriptions, visit



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