Spoken word focus of World Languages Day at CCC


CCC student Victoria Ramos staffed the Japanese booth at the World Languages Day event at CCC on April 5.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Tori Ramos studies Japanese at Coconino Community College.


So it was only fitting that she attend World Languages Day at CCC on April 5, 2019 at the Lone Tree campus. World Languages Day was an information session on the four different languages offered at CCC – American Sign Language, Japanese, Spanish and Navajo.


When Ramos first came to CCC, she knew the college offered Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL), but she did not know CCC also offered Navajo and Japanese. Ramos is also a part of the CCC Anime Club, which is where she heard that CCC taught the other two languages. 


“I was introduced Japanese by my step dad when I was 9 years old, and I fell in love with learning about the culture ever since,” Ramos said. “Japanese was a substitution for my real culture (Mexican) because my culture was never taught to me when I was young. I made Japanese my culture, and I love learning the language, understanding Japanese mythology and admiring the artwork. Japanese artwork is simple symbolism but is so complex at the same time. I feel it is important to learn another language because it widens your knowledge of many cultures and helps communicate better with other people.”


Ramos added that she believes it is important to be multilingual. She also speaks Greek and French. Being multilingual helps people communicate with a diverse population and helps with understanding other cultures.


CCC faculty Mary Adachi Sensei teaches the Japanese language classes.


“CCC World Languages Day, we are showcasing the four languages here at CCC and hope that students get interested and sign up for classes,” Adachi said. “These classes fulfill their language requirements. When students are learning language, they inevitably are learning culture at the same time. As educators, we know how important it is to help students become globally aware. Plus, learning a language is fun!”


To sign up for classes today at CCC and fulfil those language requirements, visit www.coconino.edu.  or visit CCC’s advising staff.



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