State legislators visit CCC for joint meeting

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Members of the Arizona State Legislature,  met Friday, Sept. 30, at Coconino Community College’s Lone Tree Campus with leaders of northern Arizona community colleges.  The group discussed the current challenges facing community colleges.

Dr. Leah L. Bornstein, President of Coconino Community College (CCC), Dr. Michael Kearns President of Mohave Community College (MCC), Dr. Jeanne Swarthout President of Northland Pioneer Community College (NPCC), members of their District Governing Boards, and other representatives exchanged positive dialogue with Arizona legislators at CCC.

“Today the legislators showed a clear interest in the struggles we have at our colleges.   We also focused on the commonality between northern Arizona community colleges, shared ideas and learned from each other,”  Dr. Bornstein said.

“Much of the discussion focused on the value of community colleges to the State and the role colleges play in economic development,” she added.

Arizona Rep. Tom Chabin, (D) – District 2, congratulated the group for its accomplishments. “We wanted to learn more about the challenges the community colleges face.  We must understand the role we may have in developing legislation to support the needs they have,” he said.

“These meetings are really valuable, we should meet more often,” Sen. Steve Pierce, (R) District 1, Majority Whip,” said.

Legislative attendees included: Rep. Tom Chabin (D) District 2, Arizona Rep. Karen Fann (R) - District 1, Rep. Doris Goodale, (R) District 3, and Sen. Steve Pierce (R), District. 1.

Patrick Hurley, Coconino Community College (CCC) District Governing Board Chairman, said the meeting was helpful.  “We very seldom have an opportunity to bring together northern Arizona community colleges and state legislators.  This conversation helped them hear what we had to say and it helped us hear what they had to say,” he stated.

Other topics of discussion included: Funding and ways legislation can help community colleges without providing more funding. There was also a discussion about legislation regarding guns on campus. Community college presidents throughout the state have consistently opposed guns on campus legislation.

Thursday, 5th December 2013

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