CCC offers quick course in Page on solar applications

David Cain, CCC Construction Technology Management instructor, will be teaching a one-credit hour Intro to Solar Applications course (CTM 138) in Page on Nov. 16 and 17.



PAGE, Ariz. - Thanks to the Sun, residents in remote locations, and even not-so-remote locations, don’t always have to rely on a power company. Energy from the sun can be used to power and heat homes on cold winter nights.


It’s renewable, and Page has a bunch of it.


On Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16 and 17, Coconino Community College in Page is offering a one-credit course on Introduction to Solar Applications (CTM138). The course is designed to give students a wide array of hands-on experiences to get them ready to install their own solar systems in single and multi-family dwellings.


“It’s the first course people take to get them jazzed up about solar energy applications,” said David Cain, CCC Construction Technology Management instructor who will be teaching the course.


The course will go over solar terminology, the different solar applications (solar thermal – hot water, photovoltaic, passive and active systems, on-grid tied and off-grid system), the tools of the trade, how to best orient solar systems to the sun for maximum benefit and much more.


Besides being a renewable energy source, solar has a number of other benefits, Cain said. For instance, location doesn’t depend on power lines, which makes solar systems perfect for people who enjoy living in remote locations. Also, solar systems are long term. After an initial investment, the systems last relatively maintenance free for 15 to 20 years. Finally, to have a third-party or contractor install a solar system for you can be costly. But this course will give students the tools to install their own systems and drive costs down to about one-third of what solar companies can charge.


The students will have ample opportunity to get their hands into a variety of solar systems during the course.


“Most of us need to have that hand’s-on experience to tackle a solar do-it-yourself project,” Cain said.


Page is the perfect location and is blessed to have more than 300 sunny days throughout most of the year, he added.


“Page is one of those communities that is prime for solar systems,” Cain said, smiling. And he walks the talk, having added several solar applications to his own home in Flagstaff.


The fee for the course, which will be capped at 15 students, is $124 for Arizona residents. To sign up, contact Kay Leum, Special Projects and Grants Coordinator at CCC Page at (928) 645-6682, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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