CCC holds events honoring veterans


NAU ROTC members stand at attention in front of a new U.S. flag at the Coconino Community College Lone Tree Campus. The event was one of several honoring the service of veterans.



FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - The U.S. flag has a different meaning to veterans than it does to the rest of us. 


“Unfortunately, I’ve seen so many bodies on that flag that I will never see it as a sign like you guys have experienced,” said U.S. Marine Corps veteran Joshua Nez.


On Wednesday, Nov. 7, more than 50 students and staff gathered at the entrance of Coconino Community College to participate in a flag-raising ceremony to honor and recognize our veterans. The event was organized by the CCC Common Read program and Student Life Coordinator Derik Yellowhair.


NAU Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) members participated in the flag raising ceremony in which the old flag was folded and a new one was raised. USMC League, San Francisco Peaks Detachment No.912, Sergeant at Arms Lupe Velasco was honored for his service in the ceremony as he received the folded flag from the ROTC members.


The flag-raising ceremony was followed by a speaker panel, facilitated by CCC alum and U.S. Navy veteran Kevin Scholler. CCC Common Read selected Sebastian Junger’s book, “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging” for the panel.


It was broken down into three parts: belonging, homecoming and communication.


The panel of veterans included members Derik Yellowhair, Shynowah Lee, Joshua Nez and John Van Wyke who spoke about their experiences with homecoming, belonging and community after returning from deployment. 


More than 30 students and staff gathered at the Lone Tree Campus Commons and listened to the veterans not only get real about their experiences and how they felt, but also listened to them share ideas on how non-veterans can support those who have served.


On the topic of community, U.S. Air Force veteran Van Wyke related coming back home to be the same as coming back to a foreign planet.


When asked how non-veterans can show support to those who have served, Van Wyke said, “You just have to be open and receptive. You need to listen and be able to see, feel and touch because it just may be difficult for some.”


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