Shakespeare comes to CCC

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- CCC’s Randi Klein’s enthusiasm for the theatre was evident when she started performing at the young age of 4 and has continued to enjoy the art for more than 50 years. Randi’s interest in theatre goes much deeper than just performing; she enjoys teaching it as well.

“While I keep my hand in performing occasionally, my passion for teaching and directing grew when I began to understand how greatly it could impact people’s lives. I feel profound gratitude that I have been able to stay involved, on some level, my whole life,” Klein said.

Somewhere in the middle of this passion, she found Shakespeare. She studied and researched his plays and life in England, and it was the focus of her Master’s in Directing from Arizona State University. When asked what her favorite play of Shakespeare’s was, she said, “There is so much richness in all of Shakespeare that my favorite tends to change frequently. Currently, it is ‘King John’ because it is not done much. I like the challenge, and it has four strong women’s roles and a dynamite plot.”

Klein will be teaching a class this summer on the introduction to the language of Shakespeare, how to approach it as an actor, and how Shakespeare used it to capture what it means to be human. The class will also feature a 30 minute public presentation at the end of the session. “The presentation will be a mix of scenes and monologues that we will pull together with a thread to be decided upon by the students” said Klein.

The class, titled “Shakespeare Explorations” (THR 298), is a 1 credit hour class on the Lone Tree Campus that will meet for 2 ½ hours each week starting June 6th through July 8th. The first session will be on Monday, June 6th from 6-8:30pm (then the day of the week is TBA based on student availability). 

Randi possesses a deep passion for how learning about theatre can help someone push past personal limitations and judgments of others and a belief in theatre’s ability to have a profound effect on our culture.

“My advice to beginners in theatre is you have to have a passion for the doing of it, not the trappings of fame and fortune, which if they come, should be a tangential result and not a goal. You must do it anywhere, everywhere, and anytime you can, and don’t let any one teacher or director tell you that they have all the answers” said Klein. “This [class] will be a fun experience while learning the basics of probably the greatest humanist writer who has ever lived!”

Wednesday, 18th May 2011

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