Diablo Burger receives state small business award

Coconino Community College announced today that one of its Small Business Development Center Clients, Diablo Burger, located in downtown Flagstaff behind the old town shops is one of the recipients of the Arizona Small Business Development Center Success Awards.

The Arizona SBDC award recognizes up and coming entrepreneurs throughout the state who have demonstrated success through hiring, sales increases, profitability and other criteria measuring business success. The award will be presented on March 22nd, 2011 on the legislative lawn of the Arizona State Capitol. Only 15 of these awards will be presented this year with one master award winner. Clients were selected in part because of their ability to grow their business in spite of adversity. The owner of Diablo Burger Derrick Widmark said, "I feel like opening during tough economic times was actually good for us, it made us really scrutinize our operations and be in a position to thrive as the economy improves."

Widmark added, "I was skeptical at first when I started working with the SBDC here in Flagstaff, but as it turns out they were far more helpful than I had anticipated. The SBDC Director asked really tough questions about the business plan. And working through those questions was truly beneficial to our success in the long run."

Diablo Burger features local beef from the Diablo Trust . Local beef because it is fresher, retains more nutrients and because it supports the local economy; keeps local agricultural land in production, ensuring that future generations will still be surrounded by lots of open fields, grazing lands and wildlife habitat; integrating ecology, community and gastronomy. Other locally produced foods are also served at Diablo Burger. This summer Diablo Burger plans to expand to the outdoor patio in front of their business.

A Native of New York, Widmark did not migrate west to start a business.  "It just happened organically, but it's a way of making a contribution to a community I really believe in," said Widmark. The entrepreneur who came to the area to be the Communications Coordinator for the Diablo Trust still holds the position on a part-time basis. Widmark made it clear that Diablo Trust and Diablo Burger are two independent entities sharing the same value of sustaining open space and healthy watersheds, living in balance with biodiversity, producing high quality foods and achieving community.

Widmark's passion for local foods, community, environment and his attention to quality and detail have made Diablo Burger a popular place for Flagstaff eat, and given a whole new meaning to the word "local". The College and the Small Business Development Center applaud Widmark's success.

For more information about Diablo Burger, go to www.diabloburger.com. For the Small Business Development Center at Coconino Community College, visit www.coconino.edu.  For more information about the Diablo Trust, go to www.diablotrust.org.

Wednesday, 16th February 2011

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