CCC first president's legacy honored with scholarship


Flagstaff, Ariz. -- The Coconino Community College Foundation and the wife of the College's first president have teamed up to form a scholarship to help students for years to come.


The Dr. John W. Glenn Scholarship is set to launch in the fall of 2018 with the help of Dr. Glenn's wife, Janet Glenn. Dr. Glenn passed away in February 2015.


The scholarship will be available to students returning to college or students with special circumstances. Janet Glenn designed the scholarship for students deciding to go back to school because that is just what she did in the past -- she returned to higher education later in her life and was able to graduate and become a teacher.


With the Dr. John W. Glenn Scholarship, Janet Glenn will not only honor her late husband's legacy at CCC, she will give back to the College by helping returning students achieve their dreams, just as she did.


Janet Glenn has graciously given $20,000 to the CCC Foundation to be used as a starting amount for this scholarship fund. It will be an endowed scholarship, meaning the fund is open to contributions and will also accrue value each year through interest. Its value will never be depleted, but will increase as time goes by.



Dr. Glenn was at the latter end of his career when he crossed paths with CCC. He had been working at NAU as the Dean of Continuing Education and Director of Summer and Instructional TV Programs prior to his time with CCC.


When CCC first opened its doors in 1991, the College was in dire need of a president. NAU's president at the time, Dr. Eugene Hughes, offered up Dr. Glenn as a loan to CCC to become the president of the College for its first year of operation. After Dr. Glenn's time as a loaned president was up, he applied for the position permanently and became CCC's president. He served as the President of CCC until 1994.


Dr. Glenn first came to NAU in 1966, where he was a professor of Industrial Education before becoming the Dean of Continuing Education.


Prior to his professional career in education, he received an associate's degree from the Southern Illinois Vocational Technical Institute, a bachelor's degree from Southern Illinois University, and an M.Ed. and a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri.


When Glenn first became CCC's president, he expected roughly 140 students to apply in the first semester. Almost 1,000 students showed up at the College to apply. By the end of his tenure, CCC had nearly 4,000 full-time and part-time students. In addition to this massive explosion in student population, enrollment levels were being reached in two years instead of the expected five to six years.


Much of this early success at CCC can be attributed to Dr. Glenn's leadership. Without his devotion to the College in its earliest years, it would not be the same CCC that students enjoy today. And now, with the help of the Dr. John W. Glenn Scholarship, his legacy as CCC's first president will continue to live at CCC, and his name will continue to make a positive impact on students for years to come.



Friday, 29th September 2017

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