Ken Myers: CCC Full-Time Faculty of the Year 2017


Coconino Community College full-time faculty Ken Myers was selected by students and peers as the 2017 Full-Time Faculty of the Year.


Flagstaff, Ariz. -- He’s spent his life in the construction trades, and he’s got a warehouse of knowledge to share.


Luckily, Ken Myers, does share that knowledge as faculty in CCC’s Sustainable Building Trades. His students have gone on record to show they appreciate that knowledge by nominating him as the 2017 Full-Time Faculty of the year for 2017.


“Because it’s a student-base award, it’s one of the coolest things ever,” Myers said. “It just means everything. It means to me that I’m doing something right.”


Myers teaches six classes in the fall and six classes in the spring, which include Building Methods I and II, Blueprint Reading, Building the Human Environment, Innovative Building Materials, Concrete, Surveying, Green Building I, Intro to Green Building, Introduction to Solar Applications and Intro to Woodworking. He also runs the internship program for Construction Management as well as co-teaches the non-credit Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician program. He also orders all the supplies for the classes taught at the Fourth Street campus, and he conducts the maintenance and preparation on all the equipment used in the various classes.


Myers can also be found volunteering time outside of the classroom. He is on the board of directors for the Willow Bend Environmental Educational Center volunteer, he does work on the Coconino County Citizens Advisory Board for Construction, and he donates time to Sharon Manor, a transitional housing nonprofit for battered women.


Myers began with CCC in 2008 as part of the YouthBuild program, which helped disadvantaged students, age 17-24, learn the building trades. At the time, he worked for Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona, a partner in the program. He became part-time faculty in 2010, and turned full-time in 2011.


“I love it,” Myers said. “My favorite thing out of all of it is seeing 17-year-old students working side by side with students in their 50s. I love that interaction.”


Additionally, he said he enjoys watching the “light turn on” as the students begin understand what they are studying.


“It’s such a great feeling,” Myers said.


His mother, a receptionist for the Arizona State Carpenters Union, introduced him into the construction trades.


“She talked me into going into construction,” Myers said.


He started out building box culverts and bridges -- the heavy highway stuff. But eventually, he moved onto commercial and residential building projects. At the age of 23, he handed his first superintendent job. He still does side jobs on weekends and the summers, but his love now is teaching.


“I love passing on the knowledge to younger people, and that construction is a good career opportunity.”


It’s a profession where one can go from digging a ditch to owning a company. He raised a family in the trade, where people work with their hands and end up with something tangible that they can drive by and see many years later and say, “I helped build that.”



Tuesday, 8th August 2017

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