DGB confidence in Bornstein's leadership prompts contract renewal

Flagstaff, Ariz -- The District Governing Board at Coconino Community College voted unanimously to renew the contract for Dr. Leah L. Bornstein, President of Coconino Community College for the next three years at the May 25th DGB meeting held in Page Arizona at the CCC  Page/Lake Powell Campus.

Chairman of the District Governing Board, Patrick Hurley said, “The District Governing Board is confident in Dr Bornstein’s leadership.  These have been 3 tough years for any CEO and President Bornstein has shown outstanding leadership both in securing financial sustainability for CCC and creating momentum through exciting projects and initiatives.  I am certain that she did not accept this position expecting the kind of crisis Arizona has experienced.  Leah has made lemonade from lemons all the way around.  The Board is thrilled that President Bornstein is accepting another 3 yr contract as the College’s leader."

Among Dr. Bornstein’s many accomplishments as President of Coconino Community College for the last three years, two stand out as key examples of her leadership; The Strategic Plan and a Sustainable Financial Plan. The Strategic Plan  addressed broad initiatives that have been a critical component in moving the college forward during difficult times including the following:  A review of organizational structures, strengthening the CCC Foundation, enhancement of student financial aid resources and availability, creation of a marketing plan, integration of CCC online students into the CCC community, establishment of strategic community partnerships to strengthen the College and perhaps most importantly during tough economic times the  initiation and execution of a Sustainable Financial Plan.

The Sustainable Financial Plan involved many components with the end result being increased revenue and cost saving efficiencies. Through the plan, revenues were raised by strategically raising tuition and fees without negatively affecting enrollment. Cost saving measures included reorganizing and realigning departments in fiscal years 2009 through 2011, with a net savings the equivalent of 24 full-time positions accounting for a savings of nearly 1 million dollars in salaries and benefits.

Other areas of the Sustainable Financial Plan included strategic partnerships like the CCC2NAU program with the cooperation of the President of Northern Arizona University, Dr. John Haeger that has had the effect of strengthening enrollment at CCC and benefiting students by assisting them with a seamless transition from CCC to NAU through tailored advisement and institutional collaboration. Another project initiated under Bornstein’s leadership with Dr. Haeger’s support, was the recent CCC/NAU Cline Library merger which will give CCC students access to greater library resources while saving the College from $75,000 to $100,000. NAU will also benefit from both partnerships by recruiting more and better prepared CCC students, thus increasing the number of baccalaureate degrees.

Other efficiencies included the implementation of a 4-day work week in the summer, closure of the Williams Campus in the summer and many green projects designed to save on the cost of water and electricity. The Sustainable Financial Plan has received National recognition with President Bornstein, Vice President of Business and Administrative Services, Jami Van Ess and DGB Chairman, Patrick Hurley presenting the components of the plan to both the American Association of Community College Trustees (AACCT) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).

Members of Dr. Bornstein’s leadership team described her as "visionary, courageous, and a risk-taker with a strong commitment to the community college mission. She also addresses complex issues with an extremely positive attitude."

When interviewed after the DGB meeting Dr. Bornstein said, "While the past 3 years certainly has had its financial challenges, CCC is an institution full of promise and potential.  The faculty and staff are professionals committed to student access and success.  The strong support of the citizens of Coconino County has insured its growth and progress over the past 18 years.  The DGB has governed with the best interest of the entire College district in mind.  It is with this support and involvement that it is my honor to continue to be part of such an impressive story.  CCC is something in which we should all be proud.”

Dr. Nat White, Vice-Chair/Secretary Coconino Community College District Governing Board added, “Dr. Bornstein is a passionate enthusiast for higher education and specifically the mission of community colleges. With over 25 years in higher education (student affairs, academic affairs, admin & operations), she is a strategic planner, a determined problem-solver whose inclusivity and innovation builds strong partnerships between the College and various communities within district and throughout the state, region, Nation.”

Dr. Bornstein’s contract was renewed without an increase in salary. District Governing Board Member Val Gleave said, “We regret not being able to provide an increase in Dr. Bornstein’s pay as a reward for a job well done, but in these economic times, we just could not justify an increase in spite of her leadership ability and successful track record over the past three years at CCC.”

Coconino Community College provides affordable tuition and a wide variety of certificates and degrees including career/technical programs. Additionally, CCC offers classes in continuing education, community interest courses and non-credit workshops. Many classes transfer to four-year Universities. Classroom instruction is located on campus, online and through interactive TV (ITV). CCC currently serves nearly 10,000 thousand learners a year in Coconino County.

For more information on Coconino Community College go to www.coconino.edu

Tuesday, 25th May 2010

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