CCC alum hits workforce debt free


Flagstaff, Ariz. -- Adam Bradley got married in 2010. He had a high school diploma, but a high school education didn't serve the goal he had:


To work with computers.


"I was running into issues finding a job," Bradley added.


So, he decided to enroll at Coconino Community College in 2011, and now, a graduate of Northern Arizona University, he has reached his goal. He did it without going into debt, which he is grateful for, thanks to the help of several scholarships he received on his educational journey.


Before enrolling at CCC, Bradley hadn't been a very good high school student, so he had to catch up on math and English skills. He took general studies courses. Through the course of his studies, he excelled, received top grades and ultimately became a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society while at CCC.


"I originally didn't have any kind of plan to transition to NAU," Bradley said, adding that he expected to get an associate degree and then head out into the workforce. But, while his time at CCC was winding down, his advisor, who worked in the CCC2NAU program designed to help transition CCC students to the university, counseled him that he should transfer to the business program at NAU.


"I was worried about the cost," Bradley said. "NAU was even more expensive a place to study."


Just like he had done at CCC, Bradley began searching out and applying for scholarships that would help him study at NAU. He was successful, and his academic achievements were noticed as a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society at NAU.


Now, he is a Business Analyst Associate at NAU's Office of Sponsored Projects. He works closely with management to help integrate data into the business model to help determine how software can support the business process. The work fits his goals.


His desire to seek scholarships was based in fear.


"I got a lot of motivation to stay out of debt," he said. "But I wanted to learn."


He looked and asked for help.


"I realized, after receiving some scholarships, there are people at CCC and at NAU who help to find those opportunities and there are a lot of those opportunities out there," Bradley said. "But I had to put in the work."


He also said that he is grateful for the scholarships he received.


"I don't think I'd be where I am now," Bradley said. "The thought of taking out loans probably would have stopped me from going to school."


He and his wife had a son, who turned 1 on July 4. He can focus on supporting his family, instead of paying a lender.


Bradley encourages people considering higher education to explore scholarship opportunities.


"I do like to let people know if they are considering school there are a lot of scholarship opportunities out there," he said. "Knowing people believe in you and want to support you, it helps so much and you want to earn it. It drives you to want to earn it."


He added: "If you get scholarships, you'll be happy you did."



Wednesday, 28th June 2017

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