CCC students to speak at Commencement


CCC students Kevin Scholler (left) and Rita Schreiner will be featured speakers at the Commencement Ceremony, Friday, May 12, 2017, beginning at 1 p.m., at the Lone Tree Campus in Flagstaff.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Coconino Community College's Commencement Ceremony takes place Friday, May 12, at the Lone Tree Campus. Two exemplary students have been selected to speak at the event: Kevin Scholler and Rita Schreiner. 


Kevin Scholler joined the U.S. Navy straight out of high school because he never planned on seeing a classroom again.
"In my mind, I was just a worker," Scholler said, adding that he'd always told himself that he couldn't go to college.
He spent seven years in the Navy, a time he called a "maturing process." While in the Navy, he developed a drinking habit and had to be treated for addiction, but on the other side, he decided to go back to school after an 11-year hiatus. Many of his friends who went overseas to fight came back broken, and many committed suicide.
"What was I willing to do about it?" he asked.
He enrolled at Coconino Community College, and he knew that if he didn't miss a day, and if he did all the work he was assigned, he would make it. Surprisingly, the military gave him the discipline he needed. Not only did he succeed, he thrived. He became a member of and an officer for the CCC chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. His ultimate goal is to transition to a four-year university (hopefully, Notre Dame) to continue his studies for a bachelor's degree in Social Work. In the end, he said, he proved that voice wrong.
"It's not always going to be easy," Scholler said. "There are tough times ahead, but if you stick to the course, you'll be proud with the result, no matter what."


Rita Schreiner hadn't been to school since 1973. She been married, raised a family and had a good job in Chicago before moving to Flagstaff several years ago.
When she moved to Flagstaff with her husband Rick, she decided to look for work, and she gave herself until Christmas of that year to find a job. Her husband suggested she try college, and on Dec. 26, still with no job, she saw an ad for Coconino Community College.
"I got here and loved it," Schreiner said, adding that the smaller atmosphere, the caring and commitment of the faculty and staff, the affordability helped her bolster the discipline she needed to be successful. "I had to learn to be a student."
She remembers many of her instructors by name, and she is a constant as a volunteer at a variety of CCC functions and events. She is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and has since transitioned to NAU to study toward a bachelor's degree in English.
"I figured I wanted words," Schreiner said. "It's so important for women to tell their stories. We need to tell our stories."

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