Scholarships help with CCC student's success

CCC student Stacy Camp applied for and received several scholarships through the CCC Foundation to help support her return to college for a Nursing degree.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Coconino Community College Nursing student Stacy Camp was past 40 when she decided to return to school part time in 2011.


She had been a stay-at-home mom who homeschooled her five children and took care of a very ill son. When she returned to college, eventually switching to full time, she applied for and received several scholarships through the CCC Foundation.


“They have been a major blessing,” Camp said. “Going back to school without the funding would have been difficult. It has taken some of that burden off my husband.”


The scholarship season for the 2017-18 academic has begun and runs through late March. To help students, CCC and Foundation and Financial Aid staff will offer two seminars in February to offer guidance to students seeking scholarships.


In her career at CCC, Camp has received several scholarships, including the CCC Foundation President’s Award, Jason Kurtz Nursing scholarship, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Nursing scholarship, an AAUW of Sedona scholarship and a Dougherty Foundation scholarship. The scholarships support her tuition and books, and sometimes, she has funds left over for home expenses, which the family might not otherwise have been able to cover while she attends school full time.


Camp listed another benefit: The scholarships have raised the standards of what’s acceptable for her children. If she can go to school and have an exciting time, be a mom, be a wife and work part time as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Peaks Senior Assisted Living Center, her children can get straight A’s. Her children have been gifted with the drive to excel in college because they’ve watched their mom do it.


“That example of how to persevere has been good for them,” Camp said.


Now, she needs to balance three more semesters of school and children and she will be done with her studies. Her plan is to work in Flagstaff at a local doctor’s office, where she has already spent time. She’s hopeful to work in surgery, or as a school nurse. Eventually, she would like to go on medical missions internationally with her church.


“We’ll wait and see,” she said, smiling.


Her motivation to be a nurse: Her oldest son, who is 23, has been sick most of his life. He was put on dialysis when he was 9 days old. He’s undergone kidney transplants, and he has had brain bleeds, cancer, and seizures.


What does she enjoy the most about the profession of nursing? She gets to watch people get better, to improve after being sick or injured.


“It’s so cool to do what I can to make someone’s life pleasant and more comfortable,” Camp said. “That is so exciting – to be able to make people more comfortable so they can heal and get home.”


And the help a nurse can offer doesn’t always need to be complicated things. Little things, like listening, often helps, too. Listening to the patient is key, Camp said. It helps establish trust in how to approach them, how to hold them, how to move them and how to help them heal. There’s a dignity that should be afforded patients who are stripped down to nothing, unable to do what they want.


“It’s been really rewarding,” Camp said.


She is scheduled to graduate from the Nursing program in May 2018. She already has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education, which she received from NAU in 1990.


Camp stressed that she did not want to go into debt to attend college, and she doesn’t want that for her children either. She currently has three children in college. One son, Matthew, who was a CAVIAT student in high school, is now at CCC studying business. He received the Larry Goltz Memorial Accounting scholarship to help cover the costs of his education. In May, he transfers to Northern Arizona University.


Matthew said, “It was a fantastic surprise to hear that I had been chosen to be given this scholarship. It is also a great financial break because not only do I have less out of pocket to pay for, I can also register for classes way ahead of time without paying for it all at the same time.”


Matthew said his future plans are to work for a company to get experience before starting a business of his own.


Camp and her son said that they recommend students apply for scholarships.


Matthew said, “Why not? A scholarship is a scholarship. Why not apply for as many as you can? If the school that you attend can offer you the opportunity for some financial help, it makes studying much less stressful, especially for the students who pay their own way to attend school.”


Camp said, “I think a lot of people are intimidated by the essay. But its free money. You just got to get over it and do it. Just do it.”


She added that it is very motivational to know somebody is supporting you through your education.


“It’s very encouraging,” Camp said.


CCC will offer two seminars, 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., and 4 to 5:15 p.m., on Wednesday, Feb. 8, to help students apply for scholarships.


The seminars will be held at the CCC Lone Tree campus, 2800 S. Lone Tree Road. For more information about scholarships available through the CCC Foundation, visit, or, or call (928) 226-4348.

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