Faculty Spotlight: Doris Beran

 FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Full-time instructor in Allied Health at CCC’s 4th street campus, Doris Beran, has had an interesting career full of accomplishments that have made her who she is today. Within the Allied Health Department, she teaches phlebotomy, medical terminology, communication in health care, and ethics and law in heath care classes. Doris received her Bachelor’s in Biology from State University of New York in Binghamton and her Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Epidemiology.

Beran’s educational background would not have been complete had she not also traveled in the 70’s before she got her Master’s degree overseas to Laos in Southeast Asia and Nepal in South Asia. In Laos, Beran worked in demographic surveying for health conditions. In Nepal, she worked toward establishing a base laboratory and taught the workers there how to maintain it for future use.

Reading books about and by wilderness health pioneers was what inspired Doris to come into the health field. “I devoured these books! I wanted to get overseas and do what they were doing” said Doris. “I loved being with the people [in Laos and Nepal] and got along with them very well.” Doris has a slight resemblance to the native people in Southern Asia and said that because this kind of ethnic barrier was not there, she was allowed to exchange at levels one wouldn’t normally be able to with the people.  

Of the many things she got out of working in health care overseas, being able to apply the sense of possibility and vision to her students is one of them. Allied Heath offers lots of potential for different career paths, it’s Doris’ job to offer ideas and inspiration on different paths they can take. She said, “I have a background in travel and I’m from a small town in New York. I tell them ‘If I can do it, you can do it.’ I enjoy telling my students to trust and not limit themselves…And ask questions!”

Teaching someone goes beyond just facts and data, and Doris’ ability to connect with her students the idea of limitless possibilities in health care is something to be praised highly in an instructor.


Wednesday, 15th February 2012

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  • Wednesday, 15th February 2012