Teacher scholarship goes to CCC2NAU student


CCC2NAU student Cathleen Goodell, now at NAU, is a Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship recipient.


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- Since the first time someone asked her, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” former Coconino Community College student Cathleen Goodell’s response has been “A teacher.”

Since high school, Goodell has studied childhood development and worked with children. When she returned to school in 2009, she helped teach fellow CCC students.

“I found myself regularly helping other students with comprehension and preparation,” Goodell said. “By the fall of 2010 I was working for the Student Learning Center at CCC tutoring in math. I expanded my tutoring services each semester adding biology, chemistry, and computer information systems.”

Goodell’s passion for education helped her complete her education at CCC, receive a scholarship and transfer to Northern Arizona University to complete her education. She is currently a senior majoring in mathematics and secondary education and a Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship recipient.

The purpose of the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship is to help and encourage students pursing education degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics to complete their degrees and teach at high-need schools after graduation.

As a scholarship recipient, Goodell received $15,000 to help fund tuition, housing or supplies. She also has access to mentors and additional resources in and out of the university. 

For Goodell, one of the most important aspects of the program is the fact that she has a mentor. To Goodell, having a mentor that will help her after she graduates is a huge resource.

While she is completing her degrees, she is learning new and intensive ways to teach students by helping them understand how to solve problems and not just give them a formula to copy, she said.

“The program here for teaching is intensive compared to other secondary (education) classes,” she said. “We do what’s called inquiry-based teaching and project based lessons. In the projects, we incorporate more than one topic. So, I might be working on math, but I will incorporate science or physics … because it makes it a whole lesson.”


Before Goodell transferred to NAU or received the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship, she studied at Coconino Community College. As a student in the CCC2NAU program, Goodell found transferring to the university relatively easy compared to her peers who were not in the program.

“It was very helpful,” she said. “It made transitioning here easy. I didn’t have to worry about the application or anything. I think my biggest issue with coming over here was finding places and getting my id card. I think the CCC2NAU program really helped.”

The goal of the CCC2NAU program is to create a clear path from the community college to a university. Students in the program don’t have to worry about taking the wrong classes or not having credits transfer to a university.


Goodell began her education at CCC unsure of what direction she wanted to take, all she knew was that she wanted to give college a try, she said.

“When I first started I just wanted to try it out and then it was like an education addiction!” she said.

Goodell said her experience at CCC was different than her experience at NAU because the community college is so “encouraging and very community oriented.” Despite the slight culture shock, Goodell said CCC sparked her love of education and prepared her for a university in more ways than one.

She has been working at CCC as a tutor since 2010 and as a supplemental instructor, which has given her real experience teaching several subjects. Supplemental instruction allowed her to sit in a class with students and then provide help with notes, homework, and difficult topics.

While at CCC, Goodell also joined Phi Theta Kappa where she was able to form lasting bonds that have continued to help her at NAU.

“My experience at CCC and in Phi Theta Kappa prepared me for my experience at NAU,” she said. “My friendships I developed through the fellowship hallmark in PTK followed me to NAU. When things get tough, we have a network of support that originated inside the walls of CCC.”


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